Video 🎞 Guide for 10 Things Not 🚫 to Buy πŸ’° Anymore ...

These days, minimalism and saving money are the rage! No longer only for the poor person, but also for the middle and upper classes. I like to call it being frugal.

Ria teaches very valuable lessons on things we can do to accomplish such, whether we are single, married, with a ton of kids or childless, have a pet or not.

Here you go...

The Whole Happy Life
Published on Mar 18, 2018

She no longer buys:

1. Cleaning Products

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She found cleaning recipes on Clean My Space.
1 method? Mix water, dish soap and vinegar!

2. Physical Gifts

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You do not want to give a present that is going to clutter up the home.
Buy a lesson or course in some kind of skill that the recipient can learn something new from.

3. Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets

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It is pretty bad if you have to have a drawer or 2 in your kitchen for gadgets alone! I am guilty also. Simply think process of elimination.

4. Books and Magazines

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Simply borrow from your local library!

5. Bottled Water

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Simply use a reliable re-usable bottle and fill with your own kitchen faucet water. Use some lemon juice or another water enhancer to disguise the taste if nasty.

6. Clothes You Really Won't Wear

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What dress are you going to get more wear out of? A red dress or a black dress? Of course the black dress! So, buy the black dress! No closet clutter.

7. Handbags, Accessories and Shoes

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Again, only buy what you are going to actually get more use out of. Simple.

8. Air Freshener

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To make your house smell good, simply search on Pinterest for simmering potpourri recipes. No chemicals and cheap.

9. Store-bought Sauces and Dressings

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The above have a ton of preservatives and sugar. Make your own from scratch or make by following a healthy recipe.

10. Too Many Toys

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Children and pets alike have their favorites. No need to have a million toys, if the toys are going to clutter the rooms in your house and collect dust!

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