7 Ways for Teenagers to Make Extra Cash on the Weekends ...


7 Ways for Teenagers to Make Extra Cash on the Weekends ...
7 Ways for Teenagers to Make Extra Cash on the Weekends ...

If you’re tired of your kid constantly asking for money on the weekends, explore different ways for teenagers to make extra cash. Maybe you’re over being their automated teller machine. Because of school and homework, many teenagers have little time for work during the school week. While this may be the case, the weekends provide plenty of chances to earn extra cash. Here are seven simple ways for teenagers to make extra money.

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Babysitting Service

Ways for teenagers to make extra cash are plentiful. For example, your teenager could start a weekend babysitting service and watch neighborhood kids. They might watch their younger siblings for an evening while you and your spouse enjoy date night. You can pay your child per hour, and this income can quickly grow into nice pocket change.


Grass Cutting Service

Many people have little time for yard work during the work week. And on the weekends, many don't want to think about lawn care. Teach your teenager simple lawn care techniques. Your teen doesn't have to provide extensive care. Most neighbors will gladly pay to have their lawns cut, their weeds pulled and their leaves bagged.


Wash Cars

It's commonplace to see sporting teams or cheerleaders hosting weekend car washes. However, your teenager doesn't have to belong to an organization to take part in this type of work. With a bucket, car washing solution and cloths, your teen can generate cash between Saturday and Sunday. Let your teen practice on your vehicle to learn effective car washing techniques.


Run Errands

Many people are busy and they don't have time to run errands. If your teenager has a driver's license, she can run errands for others. This can include picking up groceries, picking up dry cleaning, going to the post office, as well as any other task. Teenagers can tailor their service to elderly people and contact assisted living facilities and senior citizen communities.


Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

Maybe your teen has a knack with animals. People are always looking for responsible adults or teens to watch their animals while they are away for the weekend or at work. The customer may not require your teen to stay with the animal the entire time. However, she should be available to check on, feed and play with the animal - and if necessary, walk the animal.


Light Housekeeping

If your teen keeps her room clean as a whistle and completes other chores to satisfaction, she can probably generate extra cash as a light housekeeper. She can advertise weekend services and pass flyers to neighbors, relatives and family friends. Your teen can charge per hour or by the job.


Part-Time Job

Many jobs in the retail and fast food industries frequently hire teenagers for weekend work. This is perfect for teens who are unable to work during the school week. They can work a full day on both Saturday and Sunday. This can provide enough pocket change for their shopping, transportation costs and entertainment.

Encouraging your teen to get a weekend job not only keeps money in your pocket, it teaches her how to be responsible with money. What's more, she will learn the value of a dollar. What about you? How did you generate extra cash as a teenager?

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I started a "business" with my friends and sister and we make and sell cupcakes. It's amazing how much you can make by walking door to door doing that.

A lot of jobs won't hire unless you're a certain age -.-

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