7 Ways Stay at Home Moms Can Make Money ...


What are the ways stay at home moms can make money? Lots of parents want some ways to earn extra cash, but it's not easy to fit in work when you've got kids to care for. It becomes easier when they're school age; there are lots of ideas that you can work on while your kids are at school, after they're in bed, or at weekends. Here are some of the ways stay at home moms can make money - or stay at home dads …

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One of the ways stay at home moms can make money is to offer daycare or childminding. Working parents need quality care for their kids, so if you love children and you have the space, being a childminder allows you to earn extra cash while still looking after your own kids. Bear in mind that a childminder will have to satisfy legal requirements such as a criminal records check and a maximum number of children in their care.


Customer Service

Many firms outsource their customer services, and you can often do this working from home. You may need an extra phone line solely for work purposes. It's probably best suited to moms with school-age children, as you can't be interrupted by screaming kids! Or you can work after the children are in bed, or at weekends.


Party Planning

If you like children in general, and not just your own, children's party planning could be a great idea. You'll obviously need to be a good organiser and have some exciting ideas. You'll probably have a network of parents to start you off, and word of mouth could bring you more clients.


Hobby to Business

Do you have a hobby that has the potential for being turned into a business? Many entrepreneurial moms have started a business at their kitchen table. It could be a small craft business if you are good at baking or sewing. Or perhaps you have an idea for a product that is needed? There could be a business in that …



If you have smaller children and need to be able to break off work to attend to them, transcribing could be a good way of earning, especially if you have any medical knowledge. You'll need to be a reasonably fast typist and have a good ear.



Are you brilliant at organising your home (or other people's)? Then you could set yourself up as an organiser. Since people using such a service are likely to be working people, you will be doing most of your work on evenings and weekends. You could get someone to mind your kids for a few hours if you are asked to work during the day.


Pet Minding

Pet minding and dog walking could be a great way of earning if you have very young children, as you will be able to take them with you when you visit the homes or walk the dogs. This is another business that often grows through word of mouth, as people prefer to trust their pets to someone who is recommended to them.

As a stay at home mom, you can't expect to earn a huge amount. Anything that promises you a substantial income for just a few hours per week is a con. But there are ways of earning some extra cash that will allow you time with your children. How did you earn money when your kids were small?

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