10 Ways Students Waste Money in College ...


There are plenty of ways that students waste their money. It’s surprising given the small amounts of disposable income you have when you’re in college, that there are so many students who waste money so needlessly and effortlessly. It’s easy to say you are concentrating on studying and your social life, but you might also be working part time to get through college, so why make things harder for yourself? Sound financial management doesn’t begin when you leave college and get a job. It starts before you enter college and should stay with you for the rest of your life. Here’s 10 ways students waste money in college:

1. Shopping when You're Hungry

Many students take a very relaxed attitude to shopping, and meander round the stores filling up their baskets with whatever takes their fancy. This is especially dangerous if you do this while feeling hungry. Plan your meals in advance and write a list of what you need - this way you won't waste money on unnecessary items that end up in the bin because they've gone out of date.

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