8 Ways to Avoid Buying Maternity Clothes ...


8 Ways to Avoid Buying Maternity Clothes ...
8 Ways to Avoid Buying Maternity Clothes ...

If you are pregnant and on a budget, knowing how to avoid buying maternity clothes will come in handy for you! Even if you’re not necessarily on a budget, knowing how to avoid buying maternity clothes is essential, since it makes more sense to not have a ton of clothes you can only wear for a few months once or twice in your lifetime. Maternity clothes can be expensive, so keep reading to learn some nifty tips that will save you money and closet space!

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The Main Principle

The main principle to remember for how to avoid buying maternity clothes is that the goal is to buy things you can continue to use after pregnancy! If you buy clothes that you can still wear after baby is born, you aren’t spending a bunch of money on clothes you have to put away after pregnancy. Keep reading to find out how to go about this.


Look through Your Closet

First thing to do when you find out you are pregnant is look through your closet. You want to grab items you already have that you can wear while pregnant, or at least in the first stages. Anything made with stretchy fabrics, loose waistbands, or shirts that have loose fittings or are made from stretchy material are prime candidates. Also, hang onto any maxi dresses; these will be comfortable all through your pregnancy.


Try Skirts and Dresses

Once you’ve looked through your closet, you will have an idea of what things you need to buy. My favorite things to wear while pregnant are dresses and skirts. I look for material that is stretchy, breathable, and soft for ultimate comfort. You can get away without buying maternity dresses and skirts if you look for styles that don’t have fitted waist lines or go one size up. You will still be able to wear these after pregnancy, because it will take some time to get back down to your pre-pregnancy size.


Look for Flowy and Loose Tops

It’s really very easy to avoid buying maternity tops if you follow this little secret. Buy shirts and blouses that are flowy and loose with plenty of room for your growing belly! These sorts of fashions are in style right now, so they are very easy to find.


Try a Belly Band

Here’s how to avoid buying maternity jeans. Pick up a belly band, most places like Target or Kohl’s have them for sale. A belly band enables you to wear your regular jeans unbuttoned without falling down! Many women also love the belly band because of the support it offers their growing stomachs.


Make Your Own

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can easily make your own maternity jeans! All you need is a pair of jeans or even a skirt you don’t care to alter, and some stretchy knit material. Cut the top stomach panel out, and sew in a new one using the soft knit material. Now you have a pair of jeans you can wear throughout pregnancy as well as post-partum, for practically no cost!


Do Not Go into Maternity Stores

My most practical way to avoid buying maternity clothes is to avoid stepping into maternity stores. I know, it’s tempting, but you will be more apt to buy if you start shopping! The maternity department of any store usually has cute and adorable clothes, but rarely affordable prices.


Tank Top Secret

My final tip I’d like to leave you with is my tank top secret. Early in your pregnancy, stock up on stretchy, long tank tops in lots of colors. You can wear these tanks and layer your regular t-shirts or cardigans and sweaters over them for a nice layered look that still keeps you covered! It’s a trick that works for any occasion or setting, and it’s always comfy.

There are my top secrets and ways to avoid buying maternity clothes! The one exception for these rules is sometimes buying a good pair or two of maternity jeans. As your pregnancy progresses, you will be glad you have them! Look for good sales to maximize savings in this area. What are YOUR tips for how to avoid buying maternity clothes when pregnant?

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I love this picture!!

I always hated those hideous maternity jeans with the stretchy belly panel thing, so I would just wear my regular jeans unbuttoned with a long shirt over it lol.

I never bought maternity clothes. In my area they were less than stylish and ridiculously expensive. I wore oversized tshirts with a loose belt around my waist or above my belly with a pair of leggings, maxi dresses, maxi skirts, tank tops and loads of cute accessories. Strangers would always compliment my style and say i make pregnancy look glamorous :)

I never bought maternity clothes; stretchy pants or leggings with those long tops or on my lazy days just bumming around the house I went out to giant tiger and bought over sized pjs which are comfy as hell and 7 months later i find myself still wearing them sometimes to bed or just when I'm cleaning and being lazy around the house lol :)

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