7 Ways to Avoid Work at Home Blues ...


There are perks to working from home, but if youโ€™re not careful, you can develop the work at home blues. Some who work outside the home cannot grasp how setting your own schedule and working in pajamas can create the blues. However, the grass isnโ€™t always greener on the other side. If youโ€™re privileged to work from home, but experience the work at home blues, here are seven ways to break free.

1. Schedule Breaks

Work at home blues can result from too much work. Being self-employed means that youโ€™re responsible for your income. Thus, you may take on project after project to maintain steady income. This is understandable. But if work prevents breaks throughout the day, or if you must work long hours to complete assignments, perhaps itโ€™s time to scale back.

Go out to Lunch
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