10 Wonderful Ways to Be Happy Even when You're Broke AF ...


Financial struggles are difficult, to say the least. The stress of it can mount up and seem to spill into every area of your life. But it’s still possible to be happy even when you’re broke. These’re some tips to help you keep your smile ☺no matter what your bank account has in it!

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Consider All You Have Going for You

clothing, lady, hairstyle, fur, long hair, While money can be very helpful in giving you security and peace of mind, it’s not the be all and end all. The old saying about counting what you have that money can’t buy is a wise piece of advice. What riches do you have that have nothing to do with money? Maybe your health is good, you’re happy at the place you are at in your life or you’re in a great relationship. All of those are things that money can’t buy.


In addition to the points mentioned in the article, it's important to remember that happiness is not solely dependent on financial wealth. Studies have shown that experiences and relationships bring more long-term happiness than material possessions. So, even if you are facing financial struggles, focus on the things that bring joy and fulfillment to your life, such as spending time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies and interests, and finding ways to give back to your community. These are all things that money can't buy, but can greatly contribute to your overall happiness and well-being.


Get Creative when It Comes to Fun and Outings

color, clothing, art, pattern, design, I think one of the most difficult things when you’re strapped for cash is affording entertainment. If you’ve ever been in the spot where a movie ticket was a splurge then you know what I’m talking about. While it’s difficult to have fun when you’re broke, it’s still possible. You just have to get creative. Check out a library for free book and movie rentals or play cards or board games for fun.


Be Frugal and Fashionable

clothing, red, outerwear, jacket, blazer, And don’t you hate it when finances cramp your style? Of course you do! While it’s important to learn to be frugal in every area when things are tight, it’s especially important when it comes to fashion because your clothes budget always seems to take the biggest hit. Figure out how to shop thrift stores and trade and swap with your friends. Who knows? You may just become the trendsetter in your group!


Remember Many Situations Are Temporary

photograph, image, photography, fashion, spring, It’s easy to feel discouraged when you’re broke. But refuse to give in to that negative emotion! Remember many situations we face in life are temporary. They change with time. You could be struggling financially because of the cost of college or a recent job loss. Those are examples of situations that’re temporary so just hang in there!


Change Your Idea of Happiness

clothing, beauty, footwear, fashion, sunglasses, It’s easy to think that money will make you happy. It’s true that material things and experiences are pleasurable. It’s also nice to know your bills are paid and you’ve got an emergency fund. But true happiness doesn’t come from those sources. It comes by having an inner joy inside of yourself!


Make a Plan to Get out of Financial Hardship

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, black hair, If you’re broke and don’t want to stay that way then it’s time to do something to change it. You don’t have to remain in the financial state that you’re in. It may be a difficult situation to get out of but you can do it. Make a plan to change your finances whether it’s cutting back on what you spend or making more income. You may have to get creative but you can absolutely do this!


Realize Money Truly Isn’t Everything

art, spring, fashion, pattern, design, While it’s certainly wonderful when you don’t have the added stress of being broke, money isn’t everything. If it was then wealthy people would have no problems in their life and that’s certainly not true. Don’t be fooled by that lie. Realize that money is something necessary we all need to live and learn to manage wisely in order to give yourself a comfortable life. But remember that life is also very much what you make of it.


Don't Stress about Bills

hair, face, person, beauty, hairstyle, Yes bills TOTALLY SUCK!! However, you will have them all your life so instead of stressing about them, just accept them. Factor them into your budget, don't live outside your means by wracking up credit card debt you can't pay, and do what you gotta do; all your money may go to bills BUT you're being a responsible adult which is something to be happy about.


Hang out with Friends

meal, enter, WRE, Sure, your friends may have all this money to go out and have fun while you don't, but hat doesn't mean you can't invite them over to watch TV, play a board game, or go old school and have a slumber party! Maybe ask one to bring wine and you supply chips or whatever the deal is. Either way it'll be cheap and you get to bond together.


Meal Prep

dish, food, meal, lunch, dinner, Ever get so tired after a long day you come home and don't want to cook so you go to the drive they or order takeout? I do this more than I care to admit and let me tell you--it's NOT cheap! One way to save money is either meal prep on weekends or at least use a crockpot most nights. Heck even keep a couple freezer meals on hand for the super exceptional lazy nights you don't even want to deal with dishes. Whatever keeps you from spending money you don't have or need is a good thing.

These'er 10 ways to be happy when you’re broke. How do you keep finances from getting you down? You’re always welcome to share here!

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