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Awesome Ways to Earn Money in Grad School ...

By Lydia

There are lots of ways to earn money in grad school. If grad school is something that you are confident is going to be part of your near future, then it is inevitable that you will also have had to think long and hard about money and finance. Unfortunately, there just aren’t as many loans available for post grad students as there are for undergrads, so students often find themselves having to come up with ways to put themselves through school instead of relying on the government or the institution. Here are some ways to earn money in grad school.

1 Writing Tutor

Being a tutor is one of the best ways to earn money in grad school. To get to the level of being in grad school, your writing skills are inevitably going to be strong, so why not put them to best use as a part-time tutor on the side? This kind of work allows you to be flexible with your schedule and hours, and it also helps you to keep your mind sharp and in an academic frame of mind for your own studies.

2 Teaching Assistant

A lot of post-grad students make the decision to become teaching assistants in the area of their choice because not only does it allow them to make money but it also provides experience for a possible future career path at the same time. You get to learn things like leadership and interaction skills whilst earning extra cash to help you get by.

3 Research

At grad school, there are always opportunities for students to participate in paid research projects for esteemed professors at the institutions. This is a great move because your place of work and your place of study become the same place, and having a place to earn money without even leaving campus can be a lifesaver in terms of saving time and your schedule.

4 Apprenticeship

There are lots of different apprenticeship opportunities that grad students can take up whilst still studying for their final exams. Being a part time apprentice at a given company is an excellent way to get a foot in the door of something real and tangible whilst you are still in the half mindset of student life. If you impress on your apprenticeship, then you could very well secure yourself the chance of a job in a familiar place as soon as you leave grad school.

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