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7 Ways to Enjoy Time off without Splurging on a Vacation ...

By Holly

There are ways to enjoy time off without wasting all of the money in your bank account. Big, expensive vacations are overrated. You get excited for them, but run the risk of having a horrible time and losing all of your cash. While the idea of a vacation sounds fun, there are plenty of ways to enjoy time off without flying across the globe.

1 Student Nights

If you're a student, or an elder, or a lady, certain locations will hold special nights for you. Bowling alleys, movie theaters, and restaurants have discounts on specific days of the week or month. Do a little bit of research on the shops in your town, and you could save tons of money. Planning ahead is one of the ways to enjoy time off, because you'll have fun, but won't have an empty wallet.

2 Early Bird Specials

When you have the entire day off, you don't have to wait until midnight to go out with your friends. The earlier in the day you go out, the cheaper things are. Matinees are typically cheaper that later shows, and early bird specials are cheaper than late night snacks.


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3 Nights in

You don't have to leave the house in order to have fun. You can have friends over without worrying about the noise that a club has or the closing hours a fast food joint has. Even if you don't invite anyone over, you can have a nice night in by yourself. Grab a book to read, watch that movie everyone else has already seen, or play tug of war with your pup.

4 Day Trips

Instead of taking a week long vacation, plan a day trip with your friends or family. You can have just as much fun in a short time as you could have in an entire week, as long as you plan it out properly. The best part about day trips is that you don't have to waste money on a hotel. You'll spend the day out, but be back in your bed the next morning.

5 New Discoveries

Watch shows you've never seen and listen to music you've never heard. If you love one particular band, you might fall into a routine of listening to them over and over again. While that's normal to do, it's also important to expose yourself to new things. You might hear or see something that changes your world.

6 Indulgences

If you normally rush out of the house without having time to eat, then you should eat a big breakfast during your time off. If you're usually stuck in a uniform at work, then wear your fanciest clothes to feel fresh and new. Do all of the things that you wish you had time to do on your busiest days.

7 Little Things

Sometimes, the little things are what make life worth living. It doesn't seem like a big deal to visit your cousin's house, but you might end up having a great time with her. Agree to fun offers you get from friends. It's better to go out with them than to sit at home bored.

When you have time off, you have to find ways to enjoy it. Life is filled with stressful work and approaching deadlines, so when you're free to do as you please, take advantage of the opportunity. Do you have any plans for your next chunk of time off?

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