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7 Amazing Ways to Have a Hit Yard Sale ...

By Valencia

Do you need advice on the best ways to have a hit yard sale? A yard sale is an excellent way to unload the things you don’t need and make a little extra cash. Unfortunately, if you don’t know the first thing about a yard sale, you may end the morning with little profit. Hosting a sale isn’t rocket science, but if you’re planning an upcoming sale and you’re looking to generate as much cash as possible, here are seven ways to have a hit yard sale.

1 Get Your Neighbors Involved

If you’re interested in ways to have a hit yard sale, talk to your neighbors and get them involved. With your neighbors contributing items, this can increase the overall traffic, thus helping you enjoy bigger profits. Plus, with a partner or other people around, you can take short breaks without missing a sale opportunity.

2 Choose the Best Date

Ideally, you want to select a date that isn’t taken by other local events. For example, if there is a 5K walk or another heavily advertised event, scheduling your yard sale on the same day might impact your level of support. Not that people won’t stop by, but if you select another date, there may be an increase in customers.


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3 Price Accordingly

Remember, this is a yard sale. Because you’re selling secondhand items, make sure you price items accordingly. It doesn’t matter if an item is in good condition or if it was barely used, you will not get the original asking price. Pricing items too high is a surefire way to turn off customers. To help the day go smoothly, make sure that prices are clearly marked on items.

4 Be Organized

This isn’t a store and people attending your yard sale will not look for perfection. At the same time, customers can become frustrated or impatient if items are poorly organized. For this matter, you shouldn’t just toss items everywhere. Customers aren’t going to sort through your mess. If you don’t have tables, place a blanket or sheet on the ground and neatly line your items.

5 Remove Distractions

This is your home and customers won’t expect an overly professional atmosphere. However, too many distractions can interfere with your ability to communicate with your customers and complete a sell. For this matter, you might hire someone to watch your kids on the day of the yard sale, and it helps to keep your animals away.

6 Promote the Sale

A single sign may not be enough to promote your yard sale. If you want to unload the majority of your belongings and make extra cash, it’s all about promotion. Post a sign at the entrance of your neighborhood, but also consider running an ad in the local paper. Die-hard yard sale shoppers frequent this section. Include the date, time and address of your sale. And if there’s room in the ad, give shoppers a preview of items that you will sell.

7 Be Willing to Negotiate

The goal is to sell your belongings. If you haven’t sold any merchandise (or sold very little) after a couple of hours, consider lowering your prices. Additionally, don’t be offended by shoppers who ask to bargain. Reducing your prices by a couple of dollars can make a huge difference.

A yard sale can be a fun way to spend your Saturday morning, and what better way to de-clutter your home? Use these tips and you’re sure to attract shoppers. If you’ve had a successful yard sale, which tips have you used?

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