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There are several ways to host a low-budget party with friends. Being a hostess doesn't have to mean spending hundreds on one night of fun. If you're on a budget, staying home is one of the best ways to have fun without breaking the bank. But if you're not careful, a gathering can strain your finances. Here are seven ways to host a low-budget party with friends.

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Skip the Alcohol

If you want to host a low-budget party with friends, skip the alcohol. For some home parties, alcohol is necessary. If you already have a collection of alcohol — great. And if your guests can contribute, that's even better. But if you’re running dry on booze and don't have a lot of cash, you can save money by skipping the liquor and substituting with soft drinks, tea or coffee.


Pull out the Monopoly Board

Who says you need to go out to have fun? If you have a Monopoly board, get together with a few friends and have a Monopoly party at your house. This game can take several hours and it’s pure fun. Even if you don’t have a board and have to purchase one, you'll pay less than spending a night on the town.


Stream Netflix for Less

With the average price of a movie ticket around $10, going to the movies might be too rich for your pocket. Chances are that there are plenty of older movies that you haven't seen, and you might be able to stream these on Netflix, Hulu or Apple TV. Host a movie party and pile friends into your living room. Get some popcorn and enjoy a movie night without spending a lot of money.


Have a Spa Party at Home

Some women get together with friends and spend the day at the spa. But this type of treatment isn't cheap. Have your own spa party with a group of your best girlfriends. Bring products that you already have in your bathroom and enjoy facials. It's an excellent way to socialize and relax.


Everyone Bring a Favorite Dish

Cooking for a large group is one of the most expensive aspects of hosting a party at your house. To make it easier on you, ask each person to bring their favorite dish. This way, the burden isn’t on one person. Get creative and have theme nights, such as Italian or Mexican night.


Do Appetizers or Light Refreshments

When hosting a party or fun night with friends, there's no rule that says you have to prepare a three or four-course dinner. Sometimes, its just as satisfying to have light refreshments or appetizers, such as meatballs, cheese/cracker platter or chips. The idea is to get together and have fun, not go broke.


Party on the Beach for Free

If you can't think of anything to do with friends, and you want to get out the house, have a party on the beach. It really doesn't cost much to have fun on the sand. You can play in the water, have a cookout or play beach volleyball.

Entertainment and recreation aren’t cheap, and if you don't watch your pennies, you could end up spending money that you don't have every weekend. What are other ways to host a low-budget night with friends?

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