9 Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget ...


9 Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget ...
9 Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget ...

Knowing ways to lose weight on a budget is helpful if you want to start melting the pounds away but can’t afford to spend a lot of money in the process. Personal trainers or medical procedures to induce weight loss are costly, so here are a few ways to lose weight on a budget! All you need is a little motivation and these tips, so read on.

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Skip the Gym Membership

One of the best ways to lose weight on a budget is to skip out on the gym membership. I know, it can be motivating to have a gym membership, but it takes a toll on your wallet. You can still exercise without a gym membership. A few good options for at-home workouts include home videos, walking or jogging around the block, or even buying your own piece of workout equipment, which can be a better investment.


Don’t Worry about What You Wear

As you begin your fitness journey, don’t feel the pressure to rush out and buy pricey workout clothing. You will need something comfy, that allows you to move easily and your skin to breathe, plus a good pair of shoes, but my advice is that the store brands of workout clothing work just as well as the big-name brands. Once you have been working out for awhile, or find that you are committed to a particular sport such as running or weight lifting, then you can buy the proper equipment you need for a higher price if you find the lower end brands don’t suit your taste. You just don’t want to spend a bunch of money on workout clothes and then lose weight and not be able to use them anymore!


Shop Smarter

Now that you’re trying to lose weight, you will need to exercise a lot of self-control in the grocery store! Ask a friend to go along and hold you accountable if it would help you. Buy only fresh fruits and veggies, or canned veggies, lean meats such as chicken and fish, whole-wheat grains, and other healthy foods. Do NOT buy junk food, sodas, or processed foods. Using coupons can help you save money!


Snacking Options

People are always drawn to the “diet” snacks, that are either sugar-free or boast to only have “100 calories per serving.” My own experience is that these snacks are usually expensive and not as nutritious as you think. Instead of buying prepackaged snacks, buy a big box of raisins or a big jar of applesauce, or whatever else you like to snack on. (Healthy of course!) Dole out a serving size portion for yourself and put the rest away. This method saves money, and you get a healthier snack too!


Save on Bottled Water

When trying to lose weight, one must remember to drink enough water. Cut out sodas, sugary drinks, and coffee if possible. Water is your new best friend! Bottled water gets expensive, so invest in a re-usable water bottle and start refilling it from the tap. If you can’t abide the taste of tap water, or if you live in an area that adds something to the water that isn’t safe to drink in large amounts, then buy a Brita water pitcher or some other at-home purification system.


Use Free Resources

Who doesn’t like freebies? Take advantage of free resources you have at your fingertips. Your local library will have scores of books and videos for losing weight, and the Internet is another untapped resource of information. Your local gym may offer free classes occasionally for those who can’t afford a regular membership, so find out about that as well.


Buy Used Workout Equipment

Brand new workout equipment is very expensive, so my advice is to try to find used equipment. Local thrift stores, garage sales, or used furniture places are good starting points. Check your weekly paper too; some people post their larger items for sale in the local paper.


Get Your Kids/Friends Involved

Need some motivation or some company along for the ride? Take your kids along! Strollers and bikes are perfect for a mom who wants a quick jog around the block, and kids will love the fresh air. If you don’t have kids, grab a few friends who are looking to lose weight and start a weekly support group! You can do things together like walk, swim, or play volleyball, and encourage each other along the way. Recipe sharing and eating accountability are bonuses as well.


Portion and Quality Control

My final tip for losing weight on a budget is to remember portion control. Just because baby carrots are healthy for you doesn’t mean that you should eat a whole bag in one day. And just having one candy bar a day won’t encourage your progress any, so if you must indulge in sweets or other snacks while dieting, remember to keep it to once a week or less.

Losing weight when you are on a budget is possible, you just need to be determined to reach your goals! Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to get there. Just stick to it and you will see progress! What are your tips for losing weight on a budget?

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When I couldn't afford the gym, I only spent money on trainers and then went running around the local park in winter. It was more beautiful than the gym, so much I started to take photos! And when I did go back to the gym, they said running outside is better for you! Win win :-)

Just 20 mins of walking and do chores at homes in free times rather than watching tv u can have a tidy routine and be in shape as well

Just Dance 1-4 on the wii are fun and can get kids involved too!!

@ Barbara - Buy salad from the market! That's a win win for me, as its cheap AND healthy (A lot cheaper & fresher than what they sell in the supermarket) & try a fish market for meat (cut it up into suitable portions & freeze until you need it!) & with other meats add more tomatoes/sauce & veg to it to make it last longer

Food journal and weekly meal planning helps me tons!

Very rarely are coupons for fresh fruit / veggies or for meat. The coupons are for all the processed stuff.

zumba!! Finding easy to follow vids on YouTube as well as popilates she has amazing workouts. Planet fitness if you do want to join a gym is not too expensive a regular gym membership is only 10 bucks a month. Summer is coming and just going to walks/runs or swimming can help you lose weight!

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