7 Ways to Love What You do for a Living, Even if You Don't ...

So, you hate your job and it's no surprise seeing as statistics show that 87% of people worldwide are in the same job-hating boat, but there are some simple ways to love what you do for a living, even if you don't, that I would like to share with you. Some people see their job as a means to an end and forget about it once they're home, whilst others take their job home with them. Some people like a job which they can do and then go home and forget about, others like a career which they can focus on through their life. Whichever camp you occupy, here are some simple ways to love what you do for a living and help take that strain out of work.

1. Fake It Till You Make It

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Ever heard this phrase? It's one of my favorite and generally gets me through much of life's trials and tribulations. I may get it tattooed on me. The idea is that you smile. Even it you're not happy the act of smiling can make you feel so, go on, try it. See, I told you! Smiling more will make you feel better and even if you're hating things at the moment, don't punish yourself. The time will pass and emanating a positive vibe will make great things happen. This is one of the ways to love what you do for a living, even if you don't.

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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Ok, I'm not saying you should be best buds will all your work colleagues - that can lead to more issues - but building bonds with colleagues at work can make it a happier and more pleasant working environment and people often say that it's the people they work with that make their job that little bit more bearable. Get to know the people you work with and yes, whilst some people like to remain private and don't like divulging information about their personal life, preferring to keep work and home life separate, that's fine. A simple "hey, how's everything going?" can work wonders though.

3. Learn

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Sometimes our job can become laborious and mundane and that's the time when we need to learn new skills to reignite that passion and enthusiasm. Enter 'learning'. Are there any courses that you could go on to build on your current skills? Speak to your boss and see if there are any development opportunities. This will obviously help for your future employment prospects and promotional opportunities. Remember, many skills are transferable and all your training is great resume material, if you can get it.

4. Communicate

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I know it can sometimes be hard, but sitting and sulking behind your desk with a face like a belligerent teen will do you no good. Speak to others and make the effort. If you hate your job and you show it, you'll make things worse for yourself and will be trapped in a cycle of dissatisfaction. Tell your boss how you feel if you're truly unhappy. They may be able to find the root of your dissatisfaction and find ways to may you happier - you'll be surprised!

5. Glass Half Full

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This is a great attitude to have in life in general; look at the positives. No job is perfect and some jobs are far more stressful than others. All jobs have their good points and their bad points but as the saying goes, you take the rough with the smooth, for as long as possible that is! When it becomes too stressful to bear then only you know deep down that it may be time to take a break or make a change.

6. What Would Make You Happier?

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Think about what it is you would like out of your current job or career. Is there something you would like that you think would make your job more bearable? Are there skills that you wish you could have so that you could move up the career ladder? Do you need a better chair or a bigger desk? Or a pay rise? If you don't ask, you don't get! It might seem insignificant, but these things should be taken into consideration when you're thinking about what would make you love your job that little bit more.

7. Work Socials

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This is something that may divide opinion but sometimes, work socials can help build relationships with colleagues and therefore make you enjoy being at work that little bit more. But in the words of Ross Geller, be careful not to dip your pen in the company ink; that could make things more unbearable!

These are my tips for helping you enjoy your job that little bit more. What tips do you have? And if you love your job, I want to hear too!

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