10 Ways to Redo Your Home on a Budget ...


I wanted to share these tips and ways to redo your home on a budget for you gals out there like me! I get bored easily and want to redo things, but it gets expensive. So Iโ€™ve come up with different things to do and ways to tweak your rooms to change them up without spending very much money at all! Keep on reading if you want to know 10 ways to redo your home on a budget!

1. Donโ€™t Paint Your Walls

This tip might sound crazy, but when you want to re-do your home on a budget, steer clear of using color on your walls! Go for a basic, neutral color such as white, cream, or tan. By doing this, you can easily and affordably change out the room's accessories to get a different look in the room without needing to repaint it!

Do Paint Your Furniture
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