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8 Ways to Remove Errors from Your Credit Report ...

By Jordin

Are you looking for ways to remove errors from your credit report? Getting rid of errors on your credit report can be difficult, but it’s possible. It will take a little work on your end, but with some dedication, you should have an error-free credit report in no time. Keep on reading to learn 8 ways to remove errors from your credit report!

1 Ask for a Fresh Report

When you attempt to remove errors from your credit report, you’re going to need a fresh report. You can order one from the agency who is reporting the inaccurate information. Don’t rely on a report you got from a lender. By ordering your most recent report, you are ensuring that the information is up to date.

2 Check for Errors Right Away

As soon as you get your fresh report, you should check it for errors right away. Any mistake, large or small, should be highlighted and marked. Check for things like strange or different variations of your name, social security number discrepancies, or wrong birth dates. These types of errors can mess up an otherwise great credit report!

3 Don’t Dispute Online

Once you have determined the errors on your credit report, the next step will be to dispute them and get them resolved. Your best bet on disputing an error claim for your credit report will be to avoid disputing online. Write a letter to mail to your credit bureau. If you choose to dispute your credit report online, you won’t be able to go into much detail and risk having errors pushed to the side or your case being treated as a lesser case.

4 Be Straight Forward

When you sit down to write your letter, my best advice is to keep it simple. The best dispute letters are the ones that are easy and simple to read. Avoid using fancy words or long drawn-out explanations. Be very clear and specific, and sign your name. Don’t send the letter through your credit agency; it needs to come directly from you, the consumer, in order to be effective.

5 Include Any Evidence You Can

Credit bureaus can sometimes tell you that you don’t have enough evidence to back your claims. Attach every shred of evidence you can find to support your claim. This includes receipts, notices, bank stubs, or legal documentation. If you provide them with enough evidence, they have to settle your case!

6 Write Multiple Letters

Did you discover more than one error on your report? Sometimes this happens, and when it does, you should write a separate letter for each claim. By sending one letter for each error claim, your chances of getting each one solved go up considerably. Send a letter to each credit bureau you are dealing with, and keep copies for yourself in case any discrepancies should arise.

7 Don’t Take No for an Answer

If you know something on your credit report is wrong, and you have proof of it, do not take no for an answer! If a credit bureau continues to deny your claims, contact a lawyer to take legal action. There is no reason for your credit report to suffer unfairly.

8 Be Patient Yet Persistent

The key to eventually succeeding is patience and persistence. Keep at it, but don’t display and attitude or be rude to anyone at your credit bureau. If you want to see results, be sweet and friendly, but stand firm and let them know you mean business!

When trying to remove errors from your credit report, don’t give up. It can be a long process, but one that pays off in the end! Have you ever had to remove errors from your credit report? Please comment below and share your successful tips!

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