9 Ways to Romance Your Husband on a Budget ...

Looking for a few sweet tips for romance on a budget? Just because you can’t afford a night out at swanky restaurants or a weekend getaway to the Alps doesn’t mean you still can’t romance your husband! Here a few ideas of things you can try out to keep the honey in the honeymoon. Romance on a budget will be much easier than you ever thought!

1. Sunset Picnic

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Picnics are the age-old picture of romance on a budget, but why not try a spin on it? Instead of a daytime picnic, go for a sunset picnic! Your romantic atmosphere is all taken care of, all you need to do is spray on a little perfume and pack a yummy supper. If bugs are a problem in your area, bring bug-repelling candles and set them around your picnic area so you won’t have any discomforts on your outing.

2. Romantic Movie Night

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Here’s an idea for romance on a budget! Have a romantic movie night at home instead of going out to the movies! Rent or borrow an old black and white film and make plenty of popcorn. Whether or not you actually watch the movie will be up to you and your man!

3. Public Display of Affection

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Now I’m certainly not against holding hands or stealing the occasional smooch in public. But every now and then, why not do something daring? Sneak off from a party or event and find a place to do some old-fashioned making out! Or pull over on the way home from someplace and do some “parking” in the back seat!

4. Cook His Favorite Meal

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I’ve heard it said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So far, in my own experiences, it’s been proven true! Cook your husband’s favorite meal and have it ready for him when he gets home from work. If you don’t like to cook much, or don’t cook often, this will be a real treat for him!

5. Do Something He Likes

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Is there a particular outfit he loves to see on you? A certain hairstyle he always compliments? What about something he has been asking you to do for a while that you keep putting off? If there is something that you know would mean a lot to him, no matter how “small” it may seem, do it! Men notice the little things too.

6. Hide Notes All over the House

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Here is one of my personal favorite ideas for romance on a budget. Write silly, sweet, or sexy little notes and hide them all over the house! Use markers or stickers to make them especially cute. Stick them in the most unexpected places, including his jeans pocket or even his car glove box. He will be finding them for weeks!

7. Plan a Surprise Date

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Now you may need to have little bit of pocket money for this idea, but most of us can generally afford something out of the ordinary in our budget every now and then. Plan a complete surprise date for your man! Pick him up after work, and don’t tell him anything on the schedule. Take him to do something you know HE will enjoy. Include a favorite dinner place and then wrap up the evening with a little extra lovin’!

8. Go for a Moonlight Stroll

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Instead of taking an afternoon walk, make it a moonlight stroll! You don’t have to have anywhere in particular to go, but just strolling along under the stars and chatting about nothing in particular will be relaxing for both of you. It’s great quality time too! Nothing else around to focus on except each other, so use this time to talk about important things, or just to express your feelings for each other.

9. Use Your Words

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Sometimes, it isn’t necessary to DO something. Words are powerful, so use them! Tell your spouse that you love him, why you love him, or remind him that he is still as handsome to you as the first day you met him. Keeping the lines of communication open will do far more for your marriage than you could ever imagine.

With these few ways to romance your husband on a budget, you can still express your love without spending wads of money. While it’s always nice to afford big gifts or expensive dinners, these things aren’t necessary to express love to your man. How do you romance your husband on a budget?

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