9 Ways to Safeguard Your Bank Accounts ...


9 Ways to Safeguard Your Bank Accounts ...
9 Ways to Safeguard Your Bank Accounts ...

Have you ever thought of ways to safeguard your bank accounts? No one likes to think of the possibilities that we could ever have our bank accounts hacked or our identity stolen, but the truth is, these things happen every day! That’s why it’s so important to take every precaution to safeguard your bank accounts. Keep on reading to find out which preventative measures you can take against criminals waiting to hack into your bank account!

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Guard Your Password

An important way to safeguard your bank accounts is by being extra careful when you type your password in. Some ATM machines have security cameras that sly thieves can use to pick out your password. Try to keep the board covered as you type! Also beware of anyone standing too close when you log in from any public computer.


Choose Tricky Security Questions

When your bank asks for a security question, avoid choosing questions with answers that include your mother’s maiden name, your birthday, or any other easily accessible information. Choose a tricky or sly question that only YOU will know the answer to. This is one way to really safeguard your bank accounts!


Clear Your Browser Data Often

If you log into your bank accounts from home often, it’s vital to clear your browser data and cookies frequently! Every website you visit leaves a cookie on your computer, and sometimes these cookies can be harmful or malicious to your personal information. Stop hackers in their tracks by clearing your cookies at least once a month or so.


Be Faithful to Your Bank

May sound strange, but being a loyal customer to your bank has one benefit you might never think of! Using the same bank and tellers over and over again allows them to become familiar with you and get to know your regular expenses and spending patterns. Your bank can alert you if they notice anything strange on your account, and you will also have the advantage of being notified if anyone strange or unfamiliar comes in with your information to try and gain access to your account.


Check Your Charges Often

If you ever notice any strange charges in your account, or a large sum of money missing that you don’t remember spending, you should ask your bank for a detailed print out. Your bank can investigate odd charges and find out if your info is being used somewhere else to make purchases that you didn’t authorize! I try to check my accounts daily to keep my money safe from hackers and thieves!


Be Wary of Online Payments

Making online payments doesn’t come without its risks. Still, it’s necessary at times, so there are a few precautions you can take. Try to only use trusted websites and steer clear of anything that seems shady. If possible, try to mail in payments rather than take care of them online. And use PayPal when possible, since PayPal is a much safer way to pay online!


Keep Track of Your Wallet

It can be difficult to keep eyes on your purse or wallet at all times, but it’s important to try! Purse and wallet thieves are everywhere, especially in big cities. When at work, try to keep your personal belongings in a secure location, and when you are walking down the street keep your belongings close and your wallet as concealed as possible.


Shred Important Documents

Of course, you don’t want to shred your social security card or marriage license, but any other extra copies of important documents or unnecessary papers with your personal info on them should be shredded before you toss them out. Identity and bank account thieves are not above digging through the trash to get what they want!


Pay with Cash

My final tip for safeguarding your bank account is to pay with cash whenever possible. Pulling out your credit card in public runs the risk that any dishonest employee or passerby could steal your info. And you never know when a faulty machine or less-than-honorable place of business can use the info from your card swipe to gain access to your bank accounts!

I always feel better anytime I’ve done my best to secure and safeguard my bank accounts! You can truly never be too careful. Do you know any other ways to safeguard and protect your bank accounts?

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