10 Ways to save for a Car ...


"Save for a car, so you can make a big down payment" – you've heard that, right? But it's easier said than done. Whether you're looking for something used or brand new, it still takes time and discipline to save for a car. It's easy to get impatient, especially when you really need transportation, but believe me, patience is a virtue when you're trying to save up for a new vehicle. You just can't let yourself get too impatient, or you might make a big mistake. I'm currently in this boat myself, so I put together the most effective ways to save for a car and I hope they'll help you, too!

1. Know What You Want

It's hard when you want to save for a car because there's always somewhere else for the money to go, plus there are so many options out there. For that reason, you have to figure out what kind of vehicle you want from the first. That way, you'll start out with a realistic idea of how much money you're going to be spending on your new ride. Mind, this includes deciding whether or not you want a new or used car.

Work out a Budget
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