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7 Ways to save Money on Gas ...

By Neecey

Ways to save money on gas are important in this economy. Saving money is top of many people’s financial priorities. Today’s world is a world with a rotten economy. In such a world, a person cannot be blamed for wanting to save on everyday commodities. Things like rising fuel and gasoline prices are enough to leave a dent in your budget. In a situation like this, it is only wise to devise ways to save money on gas and car fuel. There are many ways to do so, provided you don’t shy away from them. Here I’ve narrowed down the information to understand and remember. Read on for my 7 Ways to Save Money on Gas.

1 Keep Your Ride Healthy

The foremost and the best way to save money on gas is to make sure that your vehicle stays in the best of its health. Rotten engines consume more fuel than healthy ones. Get your car serviced regularly, and make regular checks of simple things such as tire pressure and engine functioning. You will be surprised to see how well these simple things work. Remember, caution comes before intervention. Also, avoid over loading your car. Heavy loads are hazardous even for big cars. Don’t forget an oil change every three months. When you take care of your vehicle, it will thank you in the most pocket-pleasing ways.

2 Caution with the AC

You can save a lot of fuel by turning the AC off when the weather is pleasant and there is no smoke around. During a ride along the countryside, it is actually a pleasant experience to slide your car windows down and get a whiff of a fresh air. Turning your AC off when you can afford to do so will also save a great deal of money on fuel. Do not in any case leave your car window down while the AC is on. It literally drains fuel.


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3 Keep Your Cool While Driving

Avoid over speeding, sudden breaking and revving the halted engines because it wastes a lot of fuel. Make sure that you drive peacefully. On highways, use cruise control for smoother and safer driving. Not only will you save money on gas but your driving experiences will improve.

4 Keep Your Distance from Premium Gasoline

Using premium fuels is literally a waste of money. Regular fuels can serve you in the same way. The added cost of premium fuels is way more then the provided performance advantages.

5 Use Your Lappy or Go Appy

Searching for cheaper gasoline prices is all the more easier in the today’s world. Take out your lappy or smart phone and search for the best fuel prices online. There are several websites which provide fuel prices in gas stations all over the country. Moreover, many new cell phone apps have been designed for customers. Making use of them can also provide you information regarding the best fuel prices. It is also seen that often supermarkets have the cheapest prices for fuel. You can save money on gas by satisfying your car’s thirst from a pump in the super market.

6 Be Faithful to Your Gas Station

Many gas stations offer “points” on certain amount of a gas fill. You get free gas-fill when you complete a certain number of points. Being loyal to your gas station can help ease the heavy load on your pocket. Also, note that some areas of the country sell fuel in cheaper prices than the others. If you are going on a road trip, make sure that you get your gas filled at the cheaper areas.

7 Use Your Credit Cards

Credit card companies provide a lot of advantages on gas stations. Make use of them to save a startling amount of money and some additional advantages. Look out for specific gas cards or those offering fuel/gas related rewards. On the other hand, beware of the stations that want to charge a few cents more per gallon if you DO use your credit or debit card.

So there you have it. It’s easier than you thought it was going to be isn’t it? Follow my 7 Ways to Save Money on Gas and you’ll notice the difference in your wallet. There is no need to cancel your road trips now. Just remember these simple rules go happy-riding on the roads.

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