7 Ways to save Money when Buying a Computer ...


7 Ways to save Money when Buying a Computer ...
7 Ways to save Money when Buying a Computer ...

Whether you’re seeking a desktop, laptop or tablet, there are some ways to save money when buying a computer that will land you a great deal. It’s a rare person who can exist without a computer these days and like most modern consumer goods, computers aren’t built to last, so you can expect to be shelling out dollars for a new one every 3-5 years. The investment won’t be so scary when you know some ways to save money when buying a computer.

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Buy a Refurbished Computer

One of the best ways to save money when buying a computer is to buy one that has been refurbished. Refurbished simply means that the computer has been returned to a store and has been fixed or upgraded in some way; it’s second-hand, but as good as new. The specs will be the same as a brand new computer, but the retail price will be significantly reduced. (Check your guarantees though!)


Know when to Buy

If you want to save money buying a computer, make sure you know the best time of year to make your purchase. If you can, wait until August and September, as that is when manufacturers are releasing their newer models and want to get rid of the older stock. This works great if you don’t necessarily need the very latest technology, but just want something that works well for a good price.


Consider Building Your Own Desktop

Although this tip is not relevant to anyone buying a laptop, if you are buying a desktop you should seriously consider building it yourself. With the age of Google and Internet forums, with a few searches, you can find excellent how-to guides on building great PCs which are exactly to your needs. Not only can you save money, but you can personalize your computer to your own specification and requirements.


Try to Find Cashback Deals

As with any online purchase, you can save money when buying a PC if you find cashback deals. Some credit cards offer cash back on larger-ticket items, but if you can’t find one of these, try a website such as Upromise to get cash back on a deal you would have bought anyway! Whatever you do, shop around.


Know Exactly What You Need

If you aren’t using your computer to run high-end games, you don’t need a top of the range graphics card. If you aren’t interested in editing graphics or video, you will find a Mac incredibly overpriced. You need to know exactly what you are using a computer for. If you don’t need to transport your computer, go for a desktop, as they have better specs and last longer (generally) for the same price. If you will only be using it for office work, think about opting for Linux. Knowing what you need will help you spend less on a computer.


Upgrade Your Current Computer

Do you actually need to buy a new computer? There are various actions you can take to avoid buying a new computer .If yours is running slowly, think about upgrading the RAM. If you haven’t cleaned the fans in a long time (or ever!), buy a can of compressed air for less than 10 dollars and clean the fans; you’d be amazed at the performance boost you could get. Clean off any old files and software which you no longer use and if you need extra storage, buy an external hard drive.


Look for Older, Reliable Models

You probably don’t need the newest processor or graphics card. If you are buying a computer on a budget, especially a college budget, think about buying a slightly older model. They will be a lot cheaper and can run just as smoothly as newer models, which are more tuned for gaming or watching movies.

Knowing what you need is the key to saving money on a new computer. Once you know what you need (rather than want), you can look for the best deal. Did you get a great deal on your computer? Share with us how!

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