9 Ways to save on Groceries ...


9 Ways to save on Groceries ...
9 Ways to save on Groceries ...

Ways to save on groceries doesn’t necessarily mean being purse savvy. How many of you come across spoilt groceries when you open your fridge and cabinets? 95% of people discover groceries gone bad when they survey their kitchens. No one is blaming you. We understand that you have a busy schedule and it is hard to check your fridge and cabinets daily to rescue the spoiling food. You cannot clean your cabinets every day, but you can do some magic tricks to grant your groceries with a longer life, right when you get back from supermarket. Here are 9 Ways to Save on Groceries.

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Keep the Bad-eggs Away

When your discover something which has gone bad, dispose of it right away. A food item gone bad can harm many others around it if it stays in the fridge. The micro organisms growing inside it can travel to the nearby eatables and spoil them. So, do not procrastinate if you know that something is going bad and throw it away immediately. Moreover, always seal the food items with a plastic food wrap while storing them in the refrigerator. This will work with left over meals, greens and all fruits.


Keep It Dry

One of the simplest ways to save on groceries is to conserve your fresh produce. Place some sheets of kitchen paper on the bottom-most level of your fridge; it will drink all the extra moisture keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time.


Do Some Buttering!

Coat some butter on the cut edges of your cheese, this will prevent it from going dry. After spreading the butter on the sides, wrap it in a plastic food wrap. Another way to save cottage cheese and sour cream is to place their containers upside down in the fridge. This will create a vacuum and the bacterial growth will be stopped.


Don’t Work by Halves

If think half of the lemon can be sufficient for your use, don’t cut the lemon directly into a half. Cut a little piece off it and use as much juice as you want. You can also use some other sharp object to make a hole in the lemon skin and squeeze the juice out up to your requirement.


Bring Them Back to Life

There may be ways to save on groceries even when you think something is past redemption. If you think that your cabbage, lettuce or celery has wilted, don’t throw it away. Put it into icy water with a slice of raw potato and see the magic as they spring back to life and go crisp again. This is the best way to freshen up all green leafy vegetables which have gone limp.


United They Stand, Divided They Fall

Do not separate your bananas if you don’t plan on eating them right away. Keep them united in a bunch. Bananas always stay good for a long time if they are not separated from the bunch.


Stock It up!

If butter is on sale in the super market, do not hesitate in stocking it up. You can put it in the freezer and it can last for as long as 6 months, even more than that in several cases. Butter is a daily requirement for active kitchens. Stocking up will only help you save money for several months to come.


Save the Pasta

Another way to save on groceries is to be clever with leftovers. You can save extra cooked pasta from hardening or going bad. Just put it in a sealed plastic bag in a fridge. Whenever it is required, you can take it out and heat it up in some boiled water to restore its moisture and freshness.


Save the Herbs

If you want to keep herbs in your fridge, keep them in the freezer section inside a plastic bag. They will be ready to be chopped and used when taken out.

I hope you will utilize some or all of these 9 Ways to Save on Groceries. You will be surprised to see how much longer your groceries last when you start taking care of these few simple things. You should also find you save a lot of money on groceries from now on! Which of these ideas do you think will save you the most?

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There are only two of us in our household, but I really check the store advertising and purchase larger quantities of the items on special, divide them into smaller portions and freeze them for later use. Another way to save, is to review your cash register tape. The computerized world is only as good as the data entered in. There are LOTS of pricing errors!!! Especially if something is on special sale for only few days, like produce, or when they offer "buy one, get one free". Many times I have been charged for both, and had to go back to get a refund. Some people do not pay attention and do not take the "free" second item, and usually no one will remind you that you should have picked two. I have saved so much money, by just watching the cashier key in prices,and double checking my receipts.

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