7 Ways to Start a New Job the Right Way ...


There are certainly ways to start a new job the right way, but not everyone thinks about them when they are β€œin the moment,” and they can say or do something that starts them off on the wrong foot. I have been the new person several times, but I have seen new people come and go more times than I care to count. These ways to start a new job the right way will hopefully stick in your mind when you’re starting a new job and make you just a bit more cautious.

1. Do Not Talk about Others Negatively

One of the ways to start a new job the right way is to not talk about others in a negative way. Even if your new co-workers are complaining about the boss, don’t join in. It may seem like it will build camaraderie with everyone else, but you never know if there is someone in the crowd who will report back to the manager everything you said. It’s also just not nice or professional to gossip about those you work with.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions
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