8 Ways to Tell if You Are a Shopaholic ...


8 Ways to Tell if You Are a Shopaholic ...
8 Ways to Tell if You Are a Shopaholic ...

Us girls love to shop; maybe because it’s part of our genetic code ( ^_^ ), but there are some ways to tell if you are a shopaholic and have a bit of a problem that needs to be addressed. Shopping can be an addiction, you know! Whilst it doesn’t exactly mean you need rehab, surely your wallet and credit cards will benefit from some changes. Check out these ways to tell if you are a shopaholic and see if your retail therapy is being overdone.

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You Hide the Things That You Buy

One of the most telling ways to tell if you are a shopaholic is if you find yourself hiding the things that you buy. If you rush home when nobody is there and rip the tags off your purchases and stash your new loot in the back of the cupboard, you may have a bigger problem than you think.


Serious Buyer’s Remorse

If you are a shopper that suffers from anxiety riddled buyer’s remorse, chances are that this is one of the signs you are a shopaholic. But if the horrible guilt you feel after you have made all of your purchases doesn’t go as far as enticing you to return the items, you may just be more than the average retail therapy enthusiast.


Multiple Credit Cards

Credit cards are there for emergency purchases, like when your washing machine goes on the blink in the middle of the month or your beloved pooch needs a lifesaving operation. If you are in a position where you are earning a decent salary and have everything you need – like water, food, electricity, vacations and clothes on your back – there is no reason for you to have more than one credit card and especially not multiple maxed-out credit cards.


Emotional Shopping

One of the ways to tell if you are a shopaholic is to look at the times that you feel the urge to go out and spend money. If you are using the opportunity to hit the mall as a way to deal with stress or to make you feel good when you are having a rubbish day, you might as well be lying on the kitchen floor with a bowl of mashed potatoes or a box of donuts. Shopping is not a comfort food, and you may have a shopping problem if it is your way of feeling better.


You Can’t save Money

If you find yourself absolutely unable to save money and feel this intense need to spend every cent that comes into your purse – this is another of the characteristics of a shopaholic. Just because you have a bit of cash in your hand doesn’t mean that you need to exchange that immediately for yet another frivolous purchase. Keep your money for a rainy day when you will need it.


You Have No Idea Where Your Money Went

Spending money without taking note of where your money is going, or being able to track what money has come in and what went out is another of the signs you are a shopaholic. If you open your closets and cupboards and have no idea how all that stuff got in there, it may be time to start taking stock of your spending habits before you get yourself and your family into serious debt.


Impulse Shopping

Big purchases or things like clothes and all non-essential items should be worked into your monthly budget. If you are an impulse shopper, you may very well be on your way to becoming a bona fide shopaholic. Not all purchases can be returned afterwards, so make sure that when you spend anything over a certain amount that you really can’t afford, that it is an item that has been planned for and saved for.


Feelings of Elation

Do you hit the mall with your heart racing and your palms sweaty, adrenalin pumping through your veins because you can hardly contain yourself as you literally skip into the first store in total delight? This is one of the absolute traits of a shopaholic and a sign that you have an unhealthy relationship with shopping in general. Shopping is not supposed to be an addictive pastime; it is more of a means to an end. You may need to reassess the way you approach the shops, before you find yourself unable to control your spending.

If you have been sweating while reading this, it’s probably because you have the characteristics of a shopaholic. Time for radical change! If you recognize any of the ways to tell you are a shopaholic, it’s time to make some adjustments. Shopping is instant gratification – long term financial health is a much better achievement. Don’t you think?

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I'm not a shopaholic haha.. Well i do hide clothing that I've bought sometimes, but that's about it

Omg I'm a shopaholic :( I hide my new clothes so no one sees that I bought something. If my moms w me ill had purchase in my purse ....... Smh

I'm an emotional/impulsive shopper for sure. And I can't save either. It can actually be quite scary when you know that you shouldn't be spending and the next day you're out doing it again.

I'm a halfway shopaholic

This just confirmed that I'm a shopaholic!

Omg! I fit all 8!!!

Hiding the stuff !!!! Oh yes, in the car trunk until no one is home

I want to know how to stop my shopaholic behavior?

This is me to a t omg

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