7 Ways to Tell if You Have a Shopping Addiction ...


7 Ways to Tell if You Have a Shopping Addiction ...
7 Ways to Tell if You Have a Shopping Addiction ...

Want to know a few ways to tell if you have a shopping addiction? This idea may sound crazy, but strange as it seems, many people turn to shopping for release and it can become an addiction. The drive to always have more stuff or better stuff is controlling over some people. If you think you might have a shopping addiction, but aren’t sure, then keep on reading because I’ve got a few ways to tell if you have a shopping addiction!

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You Have Unworn or Unused Items in Your Closet

One of the top ways to tell if you have a shopping addiction is by taking a peek into your closet. Do you have brand new items that have never been worn? Handbags that you’ve never used? Is your bathroom full of beauty products that have never been tested? This can be a sure sign of a shopping addiction!


You Lie about How Much You Spent

If you feel the need to lie about how much money you spent, or cover up how many items you bought on a single shopping spree, then you might be addicted to shopping. Feeling guilty about purchases is normal for someone who deals with a shopping addiction. Try taking a friend for accountability, and ask her to help you be objective about each purchase you make!


Shopping is What You Turn to when You’re Emotional

You’ve heard the term “Emotional Eating” before, right? Well, there is also a term called “Emotional Shopping”! If you are stressed out, worried, excited, or lonely, and the first thing you do is rush out to the mall, you might be addicted to shopping. There is nothing wrong with browsing the racks to unwind after a long day, but if it becomes an everyday habit, you may want to seek help!


You Have Maxed out Several Credit Cards

Credit cards are dangerous things. Have you maxed out two or more on shopping alone? It can be easier to spend money with a credit card than with cash, so start taking cash only when you shop to see if that makes a difference in your spending habits.


You Argue with Family over Your Shopping Habits

Getting into arguments with your husband, boyfriend, mom, or best friend over how much money you spend or how much time you spend shopping is a sign that you are addicted to shopping. Try taking a step backwards, and spreading out your time between shopping trips for the sake of your relationships and sanity!


Nothing else is as Appealing as Shopping

Have you ever turned down invitations to do things because you would rather shop? Or decided at the last minute to back out of a previous commitment in favor of shopping? Shopping addictions can get serious, so if you notice yourself doing this often, then please seek help!


You Shop at Least 4 Times a Week

There’s nothing wrong with shopping 2 or even 3 times a week if you really enjoy it. But when you find yourself popping tags 4-5 + times each week, you may have a problem! Try adding some different things to your routine and see if you miss the shopping. It could be something that you are doing out of habit or boredom, not necessarily an addiction!

I love shopping as much as the next girl. I’ve had to be careful not to let it be controlling over my life! If you notice any of these signs in your life, then you might have a shopping addiction. How would you cope if you found out you were addicted to shopping?

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