10 Ways to Tell if You're a Shopaholic ...

Being addicted to shopping is one of those things which we all want to deny – after all, it’s never nice to be accused of being an addict. However the signs you are a shopaholic are actually quite easy to identify; while by no means scientific, here are a few points which may identify if you are, in fact, a shopaholic.

1. Why Did You Buy That?

If your answer is “just because”, then you may very well be a shopaholic. While we are all guilty of making an impulsive shopping decision once or twice, those who are addicted to shopping may find themselves struggling to justify a purchase.

2. Where Did You Get That?

Struggling to remember where you got something from or losing track of which items you have actually bought is a sign that you are shopping far too much – a sign that you are an addict.

3. What’s the Point in Saving?

Not being able to save is another classic symptom of being a shopaholic. For example, rather than saving the extra cash you get from a work bonus or overtime, if you go and buy something straight away after getting the check you may find that you are addicted to shopping.

4. Isn’t It Just the Best Feeling?

Some shopaholics have admitted to feeling “high” when they walk into a shopping mall. When you are addicted, your brain will release dopamine; if you find yourself getting instantly happy and have feeling similar to being “high”, that is a sure sign that you are addicted.

5. What Did You Buy Today?

If your answer is “nothing”, you might be an addict. Hiding the items you buy from your loved ones is yet another sign that your passion for shopping is more than just a desire to buy nice things.

6. Can You Really Afford That?

Purchasing items without regard to your financial situation is a key indicator of an addition to shopping. If you put the task of shopping ahead of the practical implications it has on your bank account, then you could be addicted.

7. Do You Want to Come out for Lunch?

If you reject friends’ invitations for lunch or take time away from other hobbies to shop, you might find that you are in fact addicted to shopping. You might find yourself no longer having time for previously-enjoyed activities, or that you haven’t been out anywhere new in a long time.

8. Does It Help You to De-stress?

The occasional trip to a shopping mall to de-stress is absolutely fine, but if you find yourself becoming reliant on shopping as a method of relaxation then you may be a shopaholic.

9. How Many Credit Cards Have You Maxed?

Maxing out credit cards in shops is one clear indicator that you are, in fact, addicted to shopping. Reliance on credit to maintain your lifestyle is extremely risky and something which should be avoided as much as possible.

10. Do You Feel Guilty?

If you have feelings of guilt after going on a shopping trip, you are likely to be addicted. People who go shopping do so as a way to relax and have some fun on an occasional basis – if you are shopping so regularly that you feel guilty, you might have a problem.

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