7. Budget

All of these tips would be totally pointless if I didn’t state the obvious: you really need to draw up a budget. Before you arrive at college, figure out what is coming from where and when you will be spending that money. Then comb through the budget and find ways to make more and spend less. For example, you could apply for grants or sell stuff on eBay.

You can downgrade your organic hand made pasta to a store brand. Whatever it takes, do it. You’ll be surprised at where you can cut financial corners.

Try and get it into your mind that college is going to be great come what may. Unfortunately for most of us, there will be times when we struggle and want to tear our hair out. These life-forming experiences will set you up for the β€˜real world’ amazingly well. If you are currently at college or a graduate, how did you stretch your college budget?

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