5 Website Content Survey Questions to Help Creators ...


5 Website Content Survey Questions to Help Creators ...
5 Website Content Survey Questions to Help Creators ...

Website content survey questions can be quite helpful to online business owners.

The expression “content is king” acknowledges a noteworthy fact: Content’s king-making nature reflects the degree to which it interests a site visitor. Even material of the highest quality will fail to trigger clicks if it garners little attention from the men and woman visiting a given website. Fortunately, marketers have put together five website content survey questions that can help a content creator to compose great material. Such excellent material engages the attention of those Internet users that find it on the screen of their PC, laptop or handheld device.

The five following questions, all of which provide marketers with useful information, have been placed in two different groups. The first group of two questions seeks to gain a sense for what staff members have learned, regarding customers’ needs and wants. The second group of three questions attempts to uncover a message. It is the message that a surveyed customer would like to send to those in charge of a given store or website.

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What Are the Questions That You Get Most Often from Leads?


What Barriers or Complexities Have Been Mentioned Most Often in Complaints from Customers?


What Piece of Information do You Wish You Had Received at an Earlier Stage of Our Buyer-seller Relationship?


What do You Feel We Could do Better?


If You Came to Us with a Problem, Why Did You Decide to Seek a Solution from Us, Rather than from One of Our Competitors?

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