10 Places That Give Totally Great Birthday Freebies ...


10 Places That Give Totally Great Birthday Freebies ...
10 Places That Give Totally Great Birthday Freebies ...

If your birthday is coming up, then you should sign up for a few websites that will reward you, just for being born. Your parents and friends aren't the only ones who are willing to give you presents on your special day. There are companies that will reward you once per year, as well, so that they can get on your good side. If you're interested in scoring some free goodies without spending a dime, here are a few places that'll give you free gifts on your birthday:

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If you join the Best Friends of Friendlies club, which is completely free, you'll get a coupon for a free ice cream on your birthday. Of course, throughout the year, you'll also get emails with coupons inside of them, so you can get money off of your meals. If that sounds like a great deal, which it is, head over to Friendlys to sign up today! All you have to do is give them your name, email, zip code, and birthday.


Baskin Robbins

If you're obsessed with eating ice cream, then one free cone or dish isn't enough. That's why you should also sign up for Baskin Robbins. On your birthday, you'll get a free ice cream from them, but the rest of the year, you'll still get some deals. According to their site, you can "treat yourself to special discounts, personalized offers and tons of sprinkles — all year long."


Old Navy

If you want to stay on your diet, then you can skip the ice cream and get a free clothing item instead! If you sign up for Old Navy, then you'll get a free surprise every single year once your birthday rolls around. You never know what it might be, but that's the fun of it! It's free, so you might as well take advantage of it.



You've probably bought some makeup off of Sephora before. They're top notch! That's why you should sign up at Sephora to get a complimentary gift during your birthday month.


KrispY KreMe

If there's a Krispy Kreme by you, then you have to sign up on Krispy Kreme. Not only will you get a free donut for your birthday, but you'll also get a free coffee! There's no better way to start off your birthday.


Bare Minerals

If you sign up on Bare Minerals, you'll get a free gift on your birthday. If you sign up today, you'll also "receive an e-mail with a code for 15% off your next order." That means that you'll reap the rewards right off of the bat.



You're always stopping at Starbucks for coffee anyway, so you might as well join their program on Starbucks. If you do, you'll end up getting a free treat when your birthday rolls around. If you're always eating and drinking there, you'll rack up rewards just by buying their items. Sooner or later, you'll be earning free things before it's even your birthday!


Texas Roadhouse

We couldn't make a list like this and not include my favorite restaurant! texas roadhouse offers a free legendary appetizer for your birthday. And, with hundreds of locations around the U.S., I'm sure you'll find one near you.



Shopping at Ulta is great, but being an ulta rewards member is even better! On your birthday, they send you a free gift coupon to redeem for a product. It's usually a mini something but who doesn't love free makeup?!


Dunkin' Donuts

Rounding out the list is Dunkin' Donuts. dunkin donuts DD Perks offers you a free beverage of your choice for your birthday. Along with other rewards and relatively cheap prices, Dunkin Donuts is a great choice.

If you want to have the best birthday possible, then you need to think ahead. Make sure you sign up for all of these sites, so that you have the opportunity to redeem your free gifts later in the year! You'll be happy you did. What other websites will give you free gifts on your birthday?

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Booboo does too

Chili's gives you a free dessert.

This works in Canada too!!

Same question on my mind as alli's, only us right?

So does Applebee's, Cold Stone, Ulta Beauty, Sonic, all these places will send you a e-mail the month of your b-day for something free

In the US only or other countries accept this offer?

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