7 Websites to Sell or Donate Your Old Gadgets ...


Itโ€™s easier to go green than you might think when you know there are websites to sell gadgets, and if youโ€™re feeling green and philanthropic, websites to donate gadgets to too. We all know about paper, glass and plastic recycling. Gadget and electronics recycling is lesser known and therefore not majorly participated in. But, we should. Itโ€™s just as valuable to the health of our environment as other โ€œeasierโ€ green actions. The next time you have bought yourself a new toy, instead of trashing your old one, look up some websites to sell gadgets or those that accept donated items and do your green bit for the day.

1. Next Worth

Don't know where to sell gadgets online? Try NextWorth! This is a sales website where you can go to sell your new or used items, including mobile phones, Apple products, video games, computing equipment, and much more. Founded in 2005, Next Worth is now one of the largest electronics recycling and trade-in services in the United States where you can receive cash for your used electronics or receive discounts on newer models.

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