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It’s easier to go green than you might think when you know there are websites to sell gadgets, and if you’re feeling green and philanthropic, websites to donate gadgets to too. We all know about paper, glass and plastic recycling. Gadget and electronics recycling is lesser known and therefore not majorly participated in. But, we should. It’s just as valuable to the health of our environment as other “easier” green actions. The next time you have bought yourself a new toy, instead of trashing your old one, look up some websites to sell gadgets or those that accept donated items and do your green bit for the day.

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Next Worth

Don't know where to sell gadgets online? Try NextWorth! This is a sales website where you can go to sell your new or used items, including mobile phones, Apple products, video games, computing equipment, and much more. Founded in 2005, Next Worth is now one of the largest electronics recycling and trade-in services in the United States where you can receive cash for your used electronics or receive discounts on newer models.


National Cristina Foundation

Are you feeling confused about where to donate gadgets online? Trust NCF, as this non-profit donation organization is a ray of hope for people who have certain disorders or simply don't have enough money to buy certain technologies and equipment. They have thousands of partners in the form of public agencies and not-for-profit organizations. To ensure that everything you donate goes to the deserving people, they screen every applicant for eligibility, without charging membership fees. It is arguably one of the very best websites to donate gadgets – it inspires you and provides you with a platform that you can use to donate stuff that will go on to increase the untapped potential of people with special needs.


Tech Twurl

Tech Twurl accepts a broad range of devices, including mobile phones as well as other modern computing equipment. All you have to do is simply visit the website, look for your device, and click it – they will ask a few questions about the current condition of your device/gadget to give you an offer.



Have you just upgraded your cell phone and got no clue about what to do with the old one? Don't let it sit there in your drawer for months. Make a better use of it; sell it to EcoATM, which is one of the very best websites to sell gadgets. Their aim is to make eCycling convenient, eco-responsible, and accessible for everyone, and for this reason, they have created completely automatic self-serve kiosk system that uses a combination of advanced machine vision, artificial intelligence, and electronic diagnostics to calculate and buy-back your used cell phones and other electronics for store credit and cash.



Go to Gazelle to sell your used smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices at a reasonably good price. You simply need to answer a few questions, receive their offer, ship your gadget, and get cash. Unlike other companies, they don't give you store credit – they give you cash on the same day they receive your device. They also save you from paying anything for shipping – they send you a shipping box!



The process is simple – you furnish them with details about your phone or tablet to receive an offer and get money after you've accepted and shipped your device. This website is a trusted partner to thousands of organizations and business, and serves industries such as finance, government, education, retail healthcare, and more.


Phones 4 Charity

What do you intend on doing with your old phone when you have a new one? One environmentally-friendly solution is to donate it to a charity like Phones 4 Charity. They refurbish old phones to give away to people who fall in low-income groups. Different organizations can participate or benefit from the program designed by this donation site – these organizations include civic groups, foundations, schools, hospitals, religious groups, amateur sports groups, marching bands, and other non-profit organizations.

You might be surprised at how many things you can recycle. Not everything is easy but before you trash stuff that is still perfectly serviceable but has outlived its purpose for you, check online if there are places can send it to or take it for recycling. A deserving recipient will be grateful and the planet will thank you. What do you recycle?

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