What Annoys You Most about Online Shopping?


Online shopping has revolutionized out consumer habits and choices but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its annoyances. We all have different experiences and loves and hatreds of online shopping but there are some things that probably annoy us the most.

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Too Much Choice

Too Much Choice One of the most annoying things about online shopping is that there is simply too much choice! It’s hard enough in a store, but when you literally have the whole world at your fingertips the process of buying a skirt or a lipstick becomes almost impossible!


Delivery Charges

Delivery Charges Delivery charges truly suck, and most of the time they do not equate to the value or weight of the product you have purchased! It’s one of the things that makes going out with your shopping bags seem appealing.


The Wait

The Wait So you’ve just bought the most incredible pair of shoes and you want to put them and go out straight away. Nope! Sorry! You have to wait between 3 and 5 working days for your purchase to arrive. It really takes the excitement out of shopping!


Doorbell Disappointment

Doorbell Disappointment You’ve place a giant ASOS order and are waiting patiently at home for your treasures to arrive, which makes it even more annoying to run to the ringing doorbell only to discover with disappointment that it’s just a charity collector or a girl scout selling cookies!


Missing the Delivery

Missing the Delivery No matter how hard we try, every single one of us has missed an important parcel delivery at some point! It adds so much extra to your day when you have to make a journey to the depot to get your products!


You Don’t like It

You Don’t like It So you have waited for 3 to 5 days for your purchase to arrive, you made sure you were at home for the delivery, but when you finally get the chance to try it on, you hate it! This would never have happened if you had just gone to the store in the first place!


Wrong Item Delivered

Wrong Item Delivered Having the wrong item delivered to your address can drive a woman to absolute breaking point, especially when it was something that you were really looking forward to or that you needed in a short space of time. It makes you lose your faith in online shopping!


Returns Are a Hassle

Returns Are a Hassle If you have had something delivered that you decide you do not like in person, then taking a parcel to be returned can sometimes take up to half of your day to get done! Sometimes you even have to source packaging yourself if it’s not provided!


Returning in Store, Only Store Credit

Returning in Store, Only Store Credit If you ordered online and decide to return in store, you will most probably be stuck with having to accept store credit as a refund. This can be really annoying; especially if the one thing you bought was the only product you liked the look of!


Losing Track of Cost

Losing Track of Cost Online shopping sites are specifically designed to encourage you to keep adding items to your basket with little to no awareness of how much cost you are racking up. By the time you get to checkout and have fallen in love with every single item, you have spent three times more than you wanted to!


Delivery Delays

Delivery Delays This can be a real killer, especially around Christmas time. No matter how early you are in getting certain orders in, there is always some sort of hold up that leads to somebody being disappointment during the holidays.


It’s Not the Same!

It’s Not the Same! It used to be a great Saturday to head to the mall with your girlfriends and do hours worth of shopping and window browsing, but sadly, with the rise of online stores, that part of the shopping experience is becoming less and less popular in today’s culture.

What annoys you most about online shopping or do you always shop at a store?

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Shopping for clothes online is only smart if you know the retailer very well and know their sizing. As women our bodies are all shaped so different, and trying things on first is essential.

It gets even worse when your waiting in for the courier you can loose whole days waiting in for them simply to not show up! For delivery of an item or collection!!!

Shipping to Canada is the worst ($2 for the states yet $7+ for Canada? Hell no). Even more annoying when it'll ship to US but not Canada?

Ofcourse delivery charges..just sucks!!

I swear this article has been published previously, including the comments below.... Maybe a deja vu...

OMG Miranda gifs. She's my hero! 

I hate it all. I like to shop for real. I like to stroke and scrunch and pull and prod and everything else. 

Online shopping? The worst is waiting for ages and then the wrong thing arrives or it doesn't fit. 

Never got online shopping, you can look at clothes in the store like nice pants but the zippers shit, or nice shirt but looks plucked already... Online it's a lottery

Nothing annoys me. I love online shopping. 

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