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Recently I went a full 30 days without spending any money. Well, okay, I did buy groceries and regular house supplies like toilet paper and soap, but all my extra spending was cut out. I didn’t allow myself to eat out or buy new shoes just because. Through this journey, I learned many things and I think you should give it a try too.

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It’s Hard

Wow! I was so surprised how hard it would be to not spend more. The urge to shop is strong. I am sure many of you can relate to that comforting feeling that comes with buying a new lipstick or pair of shoes. It’s an urge that is difficult to fight.


Need Vs. Want

By not allowing myself to spend money for 30 days I was able to evaluate my needs versus my wants. I may have really wanted a new pair of shoes before going on vacation, but the question was, did I really need them? Turns out I didn’t. Last year’s sandals are still super cute and in good shape.


Finding a Better Deal

While I didn’t spend, I did still shop. That’s crazy, right? Why would I put myself through the temptation and torture? What I noticed is that by not buying right away, I was able to find a better deal for later on when I am able to make purchases.



Not only did I want new shoes for vacation, I also wanted some new outfits. Since I couldn’t spend any money, I had to look at my current wardrobe with fresh eyes. In the end, I turned to Pinterest for some good ideas on upcycling old shirts.


No Eating out

This was another hard one. We all like a good meal that we don’t have to cook, right? I had a couple of friends who knew I was doing this challenge so together we planned a few family dinners at each other’s houses. It’s a great way to get that restaurant feel and socialization with your friends and family.



While I was going to make an exception and buy a new gift for my daughter to take to a friend’s birthday, she insisted that we make something. I was surprised by this but decided to embrace her support and cleverness. My daughter created a memory scrapbook by printing off pictures at home and using some materials we already had. By the way, her friend loved the book of memories.


Money in the Bank

I am a little embarrassed to say that after the challenge, it was amazing how much money we had left over. I can’t believe how much we spend on frivolous things with nothing to show at the end of the month. Now we have extra money in savings and a little more to spend on vacation.

All in all, this was an awesome experience and has really taught me a lot about my spending habits. By the second week, it was much easier to not jump at the impulse to spend and come up with an alternative solution. I will be doing this again soon, how about you?

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I love this i definitely have a shopping problem and will be trying this challenge!! Thank you for this

I love this thank you

I am would like to do this just to see how much I can save in 30 days!

It took me a long time before I learned how to save and spend only on necessities so that I can have extra for the things that I just simply want. I started at 24 and I am 26 now. It is hard of course in the beginning but it starts to become such a natural habit that I look at all of my alternatives before I have to diverge into spend any money. When I do go out or go away I like to enjoy myself and go all out and now I can do that without feeling guilty because I have extra money AND still have money to be able to pay bills! But I am still mindful of how much I am spending. Feels great! And now that I am no longer in a relationship, the extra savings are awesome! Lol

I love this. I will definitely be trying this soon. If only I could! Get a grip on my spending ! I'm planning a trip. So I must do this

Brenda I am nine to five gal gone at the fun student life but try it. Go through your ward robe and get rid of stuff you don't need.

Needed this article. I'm on an extremely tight budget with kids and it's very tough. Thank you for posting this. @SammyS hang in there, you will make it :-)

I definitely will try it.

Lovely article; thanks x

I totally am doing this sounds like a great idea to try and quit your bad spending habits

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