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Mornings are rough for just about everyone. Between getting yourself ready and getting the kids on the bus, the day can get off to a hectic, chaotic start. But fortunately, there are ways for a smoother start to the day. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish. Here are seven things you should do every morning before work.

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Get an Early Start

If you're always rushing in the mornings, you're probably not allowing yourself enough time to get ready. For a less chaotic, stressful morning, get an early start. Maybe you can wake up an hour earlier so you’re not rushed. This allows time to pack your lunch, perfect your outfit, and it ensures everyone gets out the house on time.


Hydrate Your Body

It might come as a surprise, but one of the first things you should do upon waking up is drink a glass of water. Our bodies are comprised of mostly water, and after eight hours of sleeping and not drinking anything, our bodies can dehydrate. Drinking a glass of water provides your body and organs with the hydration it needs, and you’ll feel more alert.


Meditate or Read a Book

Waking up earlier in the mornings allows time to catch up on your reading, which you might not have time for in the afternoons. Keep a book by your bed and spend 10 or 15 minutes reading in the mornings. Additionally, you can use this time to meditate.


Plan Your Day

I'm often surprised by the number of people who don't plan their day. Of course, this is easier said than done. But planning your day can ensure you complete everything on your to-do list. And if you assign time limits for different tasks, you can fight procrastination and get more completed in a day. Once you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to write down everything you have to do, and categorize these tasks by order of importance.



Exercise is an excellent way to drop a few pounds or improve your health. If you don't have time to work out in the evenings after work, the mornings are the perfect time. You can squeeze in a 15, 20 or 30- minute workout before getting ready for the day. You'll get your day off to a good start and you'll have more energy and be more productive.


Think Positive

If you wake up and tell yourself you're going to have a bad day, this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rather than think negative thoughts, use this time to think about what you're grateful for. For example, you might hate the idea of climbing out of your comfortable bed and going to work. But at the same time, you should be thankful that you have a job and resources to pay your bills.


Have Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day, yet many people skip breakfast because they're rushing in the mornings. If you wake up a little earlier, there might be time to sit down and actually enjoy a meal or a cup or coffee or tea. If you're running late, you can grab a muffin or a bagel on your way out the door.

The mornings can be fast-paced and hectic. But if you plan ahead and wake up earlier, you might be surprised at what you can accomplish before 8 AM or 9 AM. What else should we do every day before work?

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..Oh, and I would rather plan my day the night before, as it helps me get out of bed!

Your right Monique!!!! Prayer is important!! Without it we are nothing!!! Even if that means we should close our eyes and say a little prayer before getting out of Bed!! Valencia point 6 was good!!!!

Is it true that if you drink water right when you get up in the morning you'll have a "better day" too?

My husband likes to set the alarm extra early. This allows time for some morning cuddles, which I can't live without now! It's like a little slice of that weekend feeling :-)

That's good Your happy Olivia!! God Bless You guys!!! I pray that You and Your husband always love and respect each other this way!!

This is one of my fav articles!

Pray!!! Always pray and give God 10 mins of your day!!!

Excellent article!

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