All Too Real Reasons Why We Love Target ...


All Too Real Reasons Why We Love Target ...
All Too Real Reasons Why We Love Target ...

Want to know why we love shopping at Target? Believe it or not, many women turn to Target department store for sanctuary and serenity. So what makes this store so appealing to shoppers? One answer is a sense of escape. The experience is apparently akin to taking a mini-vacation! Part of Target’s brand is trying to make going shopping a treat. They have reframed the grind of going on errands as whimsical escapism. But that's not all. Here's why we love shopping at Target.

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It is one of the most convenient and affordable big-box stores around. They have everything you need and a bunch of things you don’t need, but want. That's one of the top reasons why we love shopping at Target.


Visual Appeal

This is the reason why I love to shop at Target. The store has neat, wide and organized aisles, beautiful lighting, and bright red counters, signs and push carts. According to psychological research, red makes us feel warmth, comfort, excitement, and intensity.


A Huge Selection of Brands

They offer a wide variety of brands including some that you cannot find anywhere else. It feels exclusive and it is like going on a treasure hunt.


Deals and Discounts

You can always find great in-store deals at Target. The best discounts are on the end cap items and the clothing clearance racks.



With this app, you get offers from 5 percent to 50 percent off of certain items when you shop in the store. It allows you to see deals, availability, aisle locations and product reviews. And you can combine them with manufacturers' coupons.

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