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Top Workplace and Career Trends Expected in 2015 ...

By Corina

If you want to find out about the new career trends in 2015, just read on and learn how the job market will change in the near future. Even though there are a lot of obstacles in the workplace for 2015, there are also a lot of opportunities that will help you reach all your goals. The workplace as we know it is changing and according to Jacob Morgan of the Fow Community, there are five overarching trends that will continue to shape the future of work: technologies, new behaviors, the millennial workforce, mobility and globalization. Most industry leaders are constantly implementing innovative workplace solutions to maximize their employees and their company’s performance. Here are 7 workplace and career trends in 2015 that you should consider:

1 Retaining Top Talent

This is definitely one of the most impactful career trends in 2015. As the world economy continues to improve a lot of employees are searching for new jobs, so retaining top talent will become increasingly important for employers. These job seekers are looking for better pay, perks and corporate culture, so if a company wants to retain its workers, it should provide them with those benefits as soon as it can.

2 More Millennials Are Taking Leadership Roles

It’s already estimated that 27-38% of millennials are managers, 5% are senior management and 2% are executives. This number is expected to grow in 2015 as they will become the largest percentage of the workforce for the very first time. Yet, the problem with these new managers is the fact that most of them are unprepared for their positions since they are being pushed into those roles out of necessity.


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3 The Skill Gap Continues to Widen

The skill gap will actually widen in 2015 instead of closing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that there were approximately 4.7 million job openings in June 2014 and most of the employers said that they can’t find qualified employees for those positions. Experts say that this issue will still affect the employers until the college curriculum aligns with the current job marketplace.

4 Mobile Optimization of Websites

In today’s world, business is all about mobility. Most of the customers are requiring information on their mobile devices, so a lot of companies are trying to make their websites suitable for mobile devices too. Also, in 2015, there will be a greater emphasis on mobile recruiting. A lot of studies have shown that 83% of job seekers are using smartphones to search for job openings, yet only 20% of the Fortune 500 companies have a mobile friendly career website.

5 Women Continue to Seize Power Positions in the Workplace

As more millennials will occupy all kinds of positions in the workplace, the wage gap between men and women will close. There are actually a few studies which show that “the top financially successful companies have 37% of their leaders as women and 12% are high-potential women.” So there’s no doubt that we will see more female leaders in 2015, especially since more women are attending college nowadays.

6 Competitive Wages

A study released by Michigan State University in October 2014 showed that 37% of 5,700 employers surveyed said that they plan to increase salaries, especially for entry-level positions with 3 to 5% in 2015. For US employees compensation ranked as the most important job satisfaction factor, so most employers should think about paying their employees fairly for their skills and dedication.

7 More People Are Stepping out of Traditional Career Paths

Apparently, in 2015 more and more people will become freelancers, out of choice and even out of necessity. A lot of companies are looking to hire more temp workers and consultants because this way, they’ll be able to save quite a lot of money. A study performed by Elance-oDesk shows that 53 million Americans are freelancers, which is actually 34% of the American workforce.

There are a lot of employment trends that will change the job market in the near future. Do you know any other workplace and career trends expected in 2015? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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