7 Absolute Worst Things to Buy on Black Friday ...


7 Absolute Worst Things to Buy on Black Friday ...
7 Absolute Worst Things to Buy on Black Friday ...

If you headed out on the biggest shopping day of the year, keep in mind some of the worst things to buy on Black Friday so you don’t waste your money next year. You can find some super steals on Black Friday, but you can also get gypped if you’re not budget savvy and aware. Just avoid these top 7 worst things to buy on Black Friday. The best items to stock up on are electronics, toys and games, just so you know. Kitchen appliances are also great buys to get your hands on, but avoid these other 7 things at all costs!

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Everyday Goods

Everyday goods such as cleaning supplies and such are some of the worst things to buy on Black Friday. Retailers do not put these items on sale because they know they're needed items that people will buy all year round. Don’t waste your efforts trying to save a lot of money on cleaning supplies or everyday goods like them. Head on over to the clothing department instead and stock up on things you’ll use everyday, like underwear, socks and jeans.



Grocery stores don’t have Black Friday sales, so don’t waste your time. They do, however, usually hold two week sales that last two weeks before Thanksgiving and end the day after. That being said, while you won’t get a steal on groceries, you should take advantage of their holiday sales while you can.



Other items not to waste your time on during Black Friday are vitamins and supplements. Some specialty stores like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe may hold a special one day sale, but don’t expect to get the item nearly free. Those items cost a good bit just to stock, so you won’t save a ton of money on them, though you might get a coupon or two.


Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping supplies are one of those impulse buys that you’ll see everywhere on Black Friday, but you’re not likely to get a great deal on them. That's most likely because retailers know that you’ll buy them, whether you really know if you’re getting a deal or not. They’re an easy impulse buy that people pick up when they’re shopping, but could have gotten at a much better deal somewhere else. To save the most money on wrapping supplies, pick them up at the dollar store, which is incredibly cheap and you get more for your money.


Department Store Makeup

I used to work for Estee Lauder, and our busiest day of the year was definitely Black Friday. Honestly, though, buying from designer or department makeup stores isn’t going to ensure you get a great deal. Many will give away a special “Blockbuster” gift or a free gift with purchase, but you usually have to spend a good amount to get the gift.



Another item you’re not going to get a good deal on Black Friday is perfume or cologne. These items don’t go on sale, especially at department stores. You might find them a little cheaper at superstores or places like Target, but don’t expect to walk into the mall and find a great deal on them. It’s not going to happen!



Another item not to waste your time on Black Friday with is books. Many stores like Barnes and Noble may run a special coupon, but you don’t need to get up at 5 a.m. to get a good deal on a bestseller. You’ll save the most money at bookstores with rewards cards instead. When you get one of these cards, you’ll get special coupons and discounts all year long, not just during the holidays.

If you’re going to wake up early on Black Friday to get a deal, make it worth your time. What items do you get up early for on Black Friday?

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A little too late no? Black friday was last week!

In London we have Boxing Day sales just like Black Friday and the perfumes are first to go because they're usually half price or less

What?! Perfume definitely goes on sale, well sort of. My all time favorite perfume was $100 on Black Friday with the lotion, body wash and roller included. Normally just the perfume is $90.

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