7 Businesses You Can Start with Little or No Money ...


Is it your dream to start a business?

Even though times are hard and thousands of new businesses fail, many people are looking to start a business either to escape the daily grind, because they canโ€™t get a job, or want the flexibility of working from home.

Many are put off because thereโ€™s an assumption that to start your own business it is a daunting process, it requires major capital and the effort is not commensurate with the reward.

Actually though, many small and successful businesses begin with very little money โ€“ just a good idea and a will to succeed.

And if you think about it, plowing a load of money into something speculative is not a good idea if youโ€™re cash-strapped anyway.

If you want to start a business but need some ideas, here are 7 suggestions for which cash is not a pre-requisite.

1. Personal Stylist

Do you love fashion โ€“ do you have a good eye for styling?

Do you love to shop?

To start a business as a personal stylist is very easy โ€“ all you have to do is advertise that you are willing to help people with their style choices (and maybe self-esteem issues) and hope that you get some clients.

There is literally no start-up cost for the business, aside from what you spend on advertising, so if you have a natural eye for what looks good, this could be the perfect job for you.

Private Tutoring
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