8 Easy but Effective Ways to save Gas ...


These days we are all looking for ways to save gas.

Gas can get pricey, especially if you do a lot of driving between work and errands and family activities.

Buying gas over and over can be hard on the budget.2

Here are 8 easy but effective ways to save gas and save money too.

1. Check Your Air Filter

Keeping a clean air filter is one of the best ways to save gas.

Itโ€™s that thing the guys always try to get you to fix when you get your oil change.

This time, donโ€™t pass.

Replacing your air filter can improve gas mileage up to 10%.

If youโ€™re not sure whether you really need to replace it (sometimes those fellas at the oil shop can be pushy) find a mechanic or friend knowledgeable about cars to help you decide.

2. Show Your Tires Love

Rolling lopsided can really put strain on your engine, thereby using more gas.

Rotate your tires regularly to help conserve gas and limit wear and tear on your car.

While youโ€™re at it, make sure all of your tires have sufficient air.

Think about how difficult it is to pedal your bike on low tires.

Your car may be going through the same struggle.

3. Slow down

Speeding is exhilarating, but hard on your mileage.

Slowing down just five miles per hour will reduce fuel consumption by 7%, and slowing 10mph will reduce to 14%.

Be aware of traffic laws: you donโ€™t want to slow below the minimum speed limit.2

This is dangerous for you and all drivers around you.

Just go at a steady pace to be nicer to your gas tank.

4. Play It Straight

Weaving in and out of traffic might get you there faster, but your gas mileage suffers.

Not to mention, this type of driving can be really dangerous.

A full tank of gas isnโ€™t much good with a wrecked car!

Cut your road rage to a minimum.

Smoother, safer driving will help you hold on to more miles per gallon.

Go Easy on the Brakes
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