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7 Tips on How to Spend Less Money at the Grocery Store ...

By Artti

How to spend less money at the grocery store is something we all need to learn to do more often... unless you’re an extreme couponer that is. Anyhow, we can save money in all aspects of our lives and grocery shopping is a great place to start because there are tons of foods we can eat but still remain well under budget. Here are 7 tips on how to spend less money at the grocery store!

1 Never Go Hungry

Never shopping on an empty stomach is a good way to learn how to spend less money at the grocery store. When you go shopping while you’re hungry, everything looks more appetizing and more items will end up in your cart. However, if you go shopping while you’re full or satisfied, you won’t be making as many impulse purchases to satisfy your cravings.

2 Go by Yourself

If you go shopping with your children or with your boyfriend, you might end up picking up more items than you originally intended like snacks or drinks. When you go shopping by yourself, you don’t have to worry about extra wandering eyes or your party floating around picking up extra items in every isle.


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3 Make a List

When you make a grocery list you’ll be shopping with a purpose. However, if you go without a list, two things will happen. First, you’ll freestyle your shopping and pick up a few things that aren’t necessary or aren’t a part of your week’s meal plan. Second, you might forget to pick something up that was necessary, thus leading to a second shopping trip where you once again might pick up a few extra things that aren’t needed.

4 Don’t Go in the Aisles

This tip is important for both your bank account and your health. Most things in grocery aisles are artificial and unhealthy because they are full of sodium, preservatives and other things your body doesn’t need. Plus, those items can add up to a lot of money when it comes to paying the bill. Instead, keep your heart and wallet happy by shopping only the produce, dairy and deli sections of the store.

5 Make a Budget

It’s important to figure out a budget for all aspects of your life so you know how much you should spend. If you don’t make a budget, you might be unknowingly spending more money than you can afford and you’ll end up in financial trouble in the future.

6 Take Cash

Debit and credit cards are dangerous because you have an "unlimited" amount of money you can spend. Take only the budgeted amount of money you’re allowed to spend on groceries as cash to the grocery store and leave the plastic at home. This way you can’t cheat by buying a few extra items even if they’re on "sale."

7 Make a Meal Plan

The best way to make a grocery list is to make a meal plan. Decide what meals you’re going to make a week in advance so you’re only buying exactly what you need and nothing more. Plus, you can cheat with your meal plans and make extra servings of Monday’s dinner and turn the leftovers into Tuesday’s lunch, thus saving you a few more bucks!

Grocery stores are becoming smarter by selling things like clothes, makeup and skincare, home appliances and electronics. Plus, new food items are always being introduced to stores. That’s why it’s important to follow the tips I’ve mentioned above, like making a budget and a list and only bringing cash to really keep your grocery bill as small as possible. How else do you avoid spending extra money at the grocery store?

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