7 Great Direct Sales Companies to Help Mom Bring in Extra Money ...


As a single mom, I needed to bring in extra money on top of my salary, and I decided to take a look at direct sales companies to make money.

It can be tough work, but the 7 companies Iโ€™ve listed below provide awesome products, are great to their consultants and designers, and provide lots of resources to help you be successful.

The commission Iโ€™ve earned from selling Scentsy, Thirty-One Gifts, and recently Origami Owl has helped me through some very tight times.

As always, read the requirements of the consultant for each of these companies before making a decision.

Do you need some extra cash?

Take a look at these direct sales companies to make money and supplement your income!

1. Scentsy

In my opinion, of all the direct sales companies to make money with, Scentsy practically sells itself.

Their wax warmers come in a wide variety of styles to fit your dรฉcor, they plug in so there is no worry about an open flame, and the many fragrances they offer will suit the pickiest noses.

I was amazed at how many scents I liked and how similar to natureโ€™s own fragrances they were.

Scentsy offers many resources to help consultants become successful.

You can host actual home parties, basket parties (similar to a catalog party), and you can even have a booth at a local fair if youโ€™d like.

Commissions are based upon your consultant level, but youโ€™re paid monthly and funds are transferred directly to a Scentsy debit card, which is very convenient.

Thirty-One Gifts
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