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7 Things That Cost More than They Should ...

By Vladlena

Money is made for spending, but we hope to spend it moderately on necessary items instead of spending all of it on everyday things that cost more than they should. Nowadays prices on everyday items are rising each day and it’s impossible to save up, especially for those on a low budget. Here are some of the top things that cost more than they should and that most people would dream to save up on.

1 Transportation

TransportationTransportation is one of the things that cost more than they should. If you live in New York, you understand how much of your money goes to transportation. Trains and buses are the most convenient ways to travel to distant places unless you have a car, but it can get costly over time. The minimum amount every New Yorker spends each day is five dollars, but imagine how much a person would spend going to work or to school every day. On top of that there is an additional fee for a new metro card!

2 Movie Theater Tickets

Movie Theater TicketsAlthough watching movies is still one of the most affordable things to do in your spare time, movie theater tickets are slowly becoming overpriced in comparison to what they were only a couple of months ago. And even though it might not make a difference for some, as a high school student that is trying to save up and as a movie lover, it definitely makes a dent in my piggy bank! Nevertheless, I cannot resist the movie theater experience!


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3 Gasoline

GasolineAlthough gas is not really a problem of mine as of now, I've always heard myriad complaints about sky-rocketing prices on gasoline! The complete fundamental details about gas prices are very hard to get into, and as much as we can try to resist there is really nothing we can do. After all, you still have to drive to work, pick up your kids, go grocery shopping, etc.

4 Food at Special Places/events

Food at Special Places/eventsEven enjoying a day at the zoo with your family can get costly because at some point your whole family will be starving and you will be forced to purchase food from their food stops. Even airport food costs extra and what’s interesting is that the closer you are to your gate, the more your food costs. Convenience is costly! Even though it’s a smart move for retailers, it’s unfortunate for consumers!

5 College Textbooks

College TextbooksI am dreading the day when I have to purchase hundred dollar college textbooks. As if college tuition is not draining enough, college students have to face the inflated prices of textbooks every year of their college career! It’s a huge investment and the only upside to this situation is that they can try to sell them soon after use.

6 Flowers

FlowersWhether you are just trying to buy a pleasant gift or order flowers for your wedding, flowers can get pretty expensive! They smell heavenly and are so nice to look at, but they are not cheap. Nevertheless we love receiving them and will probably never stop asking for them!

7 Starbucks

StarbucksStarbucks, why must you taste so good but yet charge so much?! The answer is probably because it can. Starbucks is very well known, has great reputation and almost no competitors. Unfortunately, as long as we keep enjoying and loving it, the prices will stay up there!

These are just some of the things that we hate paying for, but are still forced to pay for or cannot resist purchasing! What are some things you would rather save up on? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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