7 Things That Cost More than They Should ...

Money is made for spending, but we hope to spend it moderately on necessary items instead of spending all of it on everyday things that cost more than they should. Nowadays prices on everyday items are rising each day and it’s impossible to save up, especially for those on a low budget. Here are some of the top things that cost more than they should and that most people would dream to save up on.

1. Transportation

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Transportation is one of the things that cost more than they should. If you live in New York, you understand how much of your money goes to transportation. Trains and buses are the most convenient ways to travel to distant places unless you have a car, but it can get costly over time. The minimum amount every New Yorker spends each day is five dollars, but imagine how much a person would spend going to work or to school every day. On top of that there is an additional fee for a new metro card!

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