7 Undeniable Advantages of a Prepaid Cell Phone ...


7 Undeniable Advantages of a Prepaid Cell Phone ...
7 Undeniable Advantages of a Prepaid Cell Phone ...

While looking for ways to save money on my cell phone service, I have discovered some surprising advantages of a prepaid cell phone. In recent years, prepaid cell phone providers have become much more competitive with one another, making it easier for consumers to get a good deal. If you've never considered having prepaid cell phone service, you should reconsider. Her are some of the advantages of a prepaid cell phone.

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No Commitment

For many people one of the biggest advantages of a prepaid cell phone is not having to make a commitment. Many postpaid cell phone providers require you to sign a one or two year contract with them. This obligates you to have their service for that period of time. If you decide to end the contract, you'll have to pay early termination fees, which can be expensive. A prepaid phone plan allows you to have the same phone and a similar phone plan, without a commitment. If you have service with a prepaid provider and don't like it, you're free to switch to another provider at anytime, without any repercussions.


A prepaid plan offers the ultimate in flexibility. Unlike their contract-based counterparts, prepaid plans do not come with a hefty price tag when you choose to leave. There are no dreaded cancellation fees lurking in the fine print. So if your lifestyle demands frequent changes or you're someone who likes to keep their options open, prepaid is definitely the way to go. It's essentially the epitome of cellular freedom — a plan that adapts to you, not the other way around.


Great for Parents

If you're a parent of a teenager, a prepaid phone is a great option for them. It gives you control over their usage and prevents you from having a runaway bill. You can select a prepaid plan that you think is right for them and once they use all of the minutes, text, and data allowed under the plan, they will no longer be able to use the phone. They will still be able to use the phone to make emergency calls to 911. Prepaid phones are also a way to teach your teenager to be responsible with their cell phone.


No Deposit

Some people are shocked when they pick out a cell phone, choose a plan, then discover that they are required to pay a deposit in order to get cell phone service. Typically, a deposit is $150 -$400 for each postpaid cell phone you get. Some deposits are returned to you, after 6 months of service. Other providers may not return your deposit, until the end of your contract. Make sure your payments are on time, so you'll get your deposit back. If you choose a prepaid cellphone service, you can avoid a security deposit.


No Credit Check

If you haven't established credit or have had credit problems, due to things such as credit card debt, you may have a difficult time getting approved for a cell phone. There are also times when you may not want to run your credit to get a cellphone. Perhaps you are planning to buy a car or a house soon and don't want the extra pull on your credit. Credit checks aren't required to get a prepaid phone. This makes prepaid phones a great option, if you've got credit challenges.


Limited Phone Users

Some people only want a cell phone for emergencies or to make occasional calls. For these limited phone users, a large monthly bill, just doesn't seem logical. If you're a limited phone user, a prepaid phone may be the best option. You can get plans that allow you to pay for calls and text per use. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're getting what you've paid for, instead of paying for something that you didn't use.


Trial Use

If you're set on getting a contract cell phone, getting a prepaid one first will allow you to try out a providers service. This will prevent you from making a commitment, that you may regret. You'll be able to estimate what your cell phone usage will be, so you'll know what type of plan works best for you. You'll also be able to make sure that the provider you plan to use, will have cell phone service in the areas you need them to. A prepaid phone works well as a back up phone, to use for a short period of time, if your current phone gets damaged or lost.


Budget Friendly

Prepaid cell phones work well with any budget. There are several different providers and plans to choose from. You can choose plans that allow you to pay for minutes as you use them or plans that give you unlimited use. Text messaging plans and data plans are available, as well. Some prepaid providers now offer family plans and international plans.

Whether we choose a prepaid plan a postpaid plan, we all want to save money on our cell phone service. What do you think? Are you happy with your current cell phone plan or do you think you need to make a change?

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