7 Reasons Not to Rely on Your Parents for Money ...


There are many sound reasons not to rely on your parents financially. Sadly, many people continue to call on the Bank of Mom and Dad instead of solving their own financial problems (or not getting into difficulties in the first place). It's understandable that our parents want to help us out, but we shouldn't depend on them well into adulthood. Here are some of the reasons not to rely on your parents for money

1. You're an Adult

Of all the reasons not to rely on your parents, the top one has to be that you're an adult now. As such, you ought to be completely self-supporting. You're old enough to get a job and pay your own way; expecting them to send you checks is effectively saying that you're not mature enough to manage your own finances. Is that really the impression that you want to give?

They're Not Your Safety Net
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