7 Little Known Ways to save Money ...


7 Little Known Ways to save Money ...
7 Little Known Ways to save Money ...

If there’s one thing we women invariably have in common, other than our love of shoes and anything that comes in a little turquoise box, it’s saving money, and while these things may seem at odds with each other, they’re truly not. There are loads of little known ways to save money that can help you pad your pocketbook so you can save for a new pair of wedges, or something sparkly from Tiffany. What are these cash-saving tips, you ask? Keep reading. Here are 7 little known ways to save money. Grab a pretty piggy bank and let’s go!

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Sign up, Follow, and like

Most companies have embraced social media, so they have Facebook pages you can “like” and Twitter feeds you can follow. This is great because often, when you click “like” or “follow,” you earn a special coupon or discount code. Also, loads of companies offer free email newsletters, giving the heads-up on sales, special deals and more.


Get Local

We’ve all heard of eBay, but have you heard of Craigslist? Most urban areas have at least one Craigslist group, and since it’s free to post items, and to view them, why not give it a try? You can buy anything from a house to a car to a crib or a bookshelf. And since Craigslist is local, you won’t have to pay shipping fees.



One of my personal favorite little known ways to save money is not to spend it in the first place. Whenever possible, I barter. I’ve trade my photography, social media and copywriting skills for things like laser tattoo removal and auto repairs. If you have a unique talent and an open-minded mechanic or dry cleaner, offer to barter and see what they say… it’s worth a try!



When you’re getting ready to recycle or sell your old computer, be sure to deactivate any software licenses you want to take with you, so you can apply them to your new computer. Why? Because this is another little known way to save money — not buying the software all over again! A new license for PhotoShop, for example, can cost hundreds of dollars. Just transfer the old license to your new computer, and you won’t need to buy expensive software all over again.


Book on Tuesdays

For some reasons, it’s often cheaper to buy plane tickets on Tuesdays. Is it because the weekend is when most people tend to book, or for some other reason? Industry experts aren’t saying, but if you’re looking for plan tickets on the cheap, start looking on Tuesdays! And don’t forget to comparison shop, bearing in mind that some airlines (like Southwest) don’t work with resellers, like Travelocity.


Try the off Brand

There are some things that are completely worth it to buy the “good” brand (wedges and Tiffany jewelry, for instance). But other things, like milk and socks, however, are perfectly fine in the off-brand version. Generics and store-brands have come a long way, baby, and giving them a go is another little-known way to save money.


Go off-season

Another idea? Shop for clothing off-season, when clearance racks are full and the competition for the “in season” items is fierce. For instance, shop for a swimsuit in fall, and shop for a winter coat in spring.

While some of you more frugal Stalkers may already have known a few of these little known ways to save money, hopefully some of them are new to you, and will help you save a buck or two. Which of these tips will you try? Or do you have another money-saving tip to share?

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That's so funny. I noticed that today when pricing delta airline tickets.

Oh my gosh, I never knew about the "book it tuesdays". I spend a lot of time in airports traveling and going places for work, I'm dumbfounded that I hadn't known that little trick. I love this post, its very very relevant to my life! Thank you for posting!

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