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7 Techniques to Reduce Your Daily Spendings ...

By Alison

Cutting spending is something that many of us have on our minds these days. Our money just isn´t going as far as it used to, since costs are rising all the time. One way I which we can reduce spending is to look closely at where our money goes – and often it disappears on things we buy every day without even thinking. So if you too need to save your pennies, here are some super simple tips on how to reduce spending …

1 Caffeine Fix

Coffee shops are everywhere these days, and it´s easy to fall into the habit of picking a coffee up on your way to work, especially if you ´don´t have time for breakfast´. Of course, caffeine is addictive, and that little habit will add up to a lot of dollars over the course of a month. Reduce your coffee shop purchases and you´ll reduce spending as well.

2 Keep Track of Spending

I don´t think there are many people who are aware of where every penny goes. It´s so common to withdraw $50, say, and before you know it all that remains is some loose change. Make a note of everything you spend, and you´ll probably soon spot a number of ways of cutting spending.


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3 Annual Total

Going back to the example of the daily coffee, a great way to reduce spending is to work out just how much you´re paying for any one item on an annual basis. Monthly subscriptions may not seem that expensive, but over a year can add up to quite a lot. And that daily coffee or chocolate bar can add up to quite a frightening amount over an entire year.

4 Ladies Who Lunch …

Do you meet your friends for lunch every day? Sure, it´s fun gossiping and chatting, but not so much fun when you add up just how much you´re spending over time. Don´t make excuses that you´re too short of time to make lunch to take to work. It makes a lot of sense when it comes to cutting spending, Save lunch out for a treat. Your friends will probably be glad to save money too!

5 Read ´Em and Weep (newspapers)

Have you seen the price of magazines and newspapers these days? Or do you just pick them up and pay for them without even noticing? Save your money and read the newspapers online instead, or pop into your local library. Many carry quite a wide range of magazines. And you can read all the amazing posts here on for free!

6 Alternative Lunch Hour

When you work in a city, as most people do, it´s tempting to use your lunch hour wandering round the shops. This is fine if you stick to window shopping, but not if you end up getting out your wallet! So find another way of occupying your lunch hour (like eating the lunch you prepared at home). And also avoid popping into shops on your way home.

7 Multi Meals

Do you frequently end up eating expensive takeaways or ready meals because you work long hours? This can end up inflating your food bill. The answer is to prepare food in advance, batch cook and freeze portions. That way if you can´t be bothered to cook or you´re going to be really tired by the time you get home, you can heat up a healthy, home-cooked meal instead of grabbing a pizza.

There are lots of smart ways of cutting spending; these days we really do need to be careful with our money, so don´t waste it on pointless daily purchases. Save your money for things you really need, or simply save it – it´s wise to have money put aside. Have you found any unique or inventive ways to reduce spending?

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