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8 Amazing Ways to Get Stuff for Free ...

By Alison

Get things for free and you can save a small fortune! It´s said that the best things in life are free, and stretching our dollars is certainly a smart move these days. You might think that nobody gives anything away, but here are a surprising number of ways to get stuff for free, even from companies. So here are some amazing ways to get things for free …

Table of contents:

  1. Freecycle
  2. Giveaways
  3. Competitions
  4. Subscribe
  5. Reviewing
  6. Swaps & exchanges
  7. Beauty samples
  8. Baby products

1 Freecycle

Freecycle must be one of the top ways to get stuff for free. If you´re not familiar with how it works, members post offers of things that they no longer want, and other members respond with a request for the item. There can be all kinds of things on offer. Just remember to thank the donor if you´re selected to receive the item they´re giving away!

2 Giveaways

Companies often give away a limited number of products to promote a new range. It´s becoming especially common to use sites like Facebook for this purpose. So look out for giveaways, “like” the page concerned, and you could receive some lovely freebies!

3 Competitions

As they say, somebody has to win a competition. And it could be you! Entering competitions can be a pretty good way of spending your spare time, and some people win prize after prize. It´s not about luck; you´ve got as much chance as anyone. But you have to enter to have that chance!

4 Subscribe

Subscribing to magazines can be a good way to get things for free. There are often offers of beauty products with women´s magazines. Do note that the offers are usually only available to new subscribers, but if you were thinking of signing up anyway you might as well get the free products!

5 Reviewing

It seems that half the world has a blog these days. If you´re one of them, and you have a reasonably large readership, you could try contacting companies to see if they´ll send you products in exchange for a review on your blog. Naturally, the blog must be connected to the subject in some way – it´s no use requesting pet food if your blog is on shoes!

6 Swaps & Exchanges

Many small towns run swap meets, which is a great way of getting things for free. Simply pack up your unwanted goods, take them to the meet, and see what you can exchange with someone else. As they say, one man´s trash is another man´s treasure!

7 Beauty Samples

Beauty products can be pretty expensive, and we often like to try them out before we commit ourselves to buying a full-sized product. This is especially true for those with sensitive skin. So ask at the beauty counters if they have any free samples- you can bag some really good miniature sizes this way, enough to give the product a good trial.

8 Baby Products

Finally, if you´re expecting a baby, companies often give out sample packs to new mums in hospitals. These are always worth having, as any contribution towards the cost of a new baby is welcome. And if you manage to produce the first baby of the year, or quads, you might be able to get even more in the form of sponsorship!

There are lots of brilliant ways to get stuff for free, so keep an eye out for what´s on offer. You can furnish your house, win holidays, swap your unwanted goods for something more useful, or get lots of free samples. We all love to get something for nothing! What´s the best way you´ve found to get things for free?

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