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8 Super-Sneaky Ways to save Money ...

By Alison

Sneaky ways to save money might be something you don´t approve of. But think about it – have you ever “borrowed” pens from work, or taken some sachets of coffee because you´ve run out at home? Using sneaky ways to save money might not be entirely ethical, but most people probably use them at some point! So if you´re not entirely scrupulous, here are some super sneaky ways to save money …

1 Liberating Toilet Paper

Many people consider that taking things from work is just a perk of the job, providing it´s only little things. If your conscience doesn´t trouble you, the office can be a useful source of toilet paper when you´re running out at home. Just be sure to carry a big enough bag to hide it in …

2 Borrow Wireless Internet

Opinions are definitely divided on the issue of whether “borrowing” a neighbour´s internet is acceptable or not. But it´s quite popular among sneaky ways to save money! Some think that it´s not fair to use something you haven´t paid for, and take up their bandwidth. Others think that if people don´t make their internet secure, it´s fair game. You decide.

3 Charge Batteries at Work

Batteries just don´t seem to last long these days before needing a recharge, and we all have so many gadgets that something is always being charged. Well, that uses electricity. So if you´re smart, you can save yourself some money by always charging your phone at work.

4 Sachets

If there is anyone who doesn´t already do this, I´d be surprised! When eating out, most of us grab a handful of sachets of sugar, mayonnaise or ketchup (if it´s that kind of establishment). After all, if you´re given sugar with your coffee and don´t use it, you´ve already paid for it …

5 Plastic Gloves

This is one of the sneaky ways to save money I´ve discovered – and with no ethical problem! When buying loose fruit and vegetables, the stores offer plastic gloves for handling the produce hygienically. Simply pocket them after using, and take them home for dirty jobs like cleaning – you´ve already used them, so they´d only be thrown away otherwise.

6 Buy in Sales

Are you fed up with spending so much on Christmas cards and presents for lots of people? Well, you could reduce your gift list, but if you don´t want to do that, there is a sneaky way to save money while appearing to spend more. Simply buy cards in the January sales, and presents in sales throughout the year.

7 Swap Packaging

Do your family insist that they don´t like cheap products, and so you have to buy the branded version? Here´s a really sneaky (but effective) way to save money. Many of the supermarket own brands are actually made by the manufacturers of more expensive products. So buy the cheaper version and hide it in the packaging of the pricier brand. Your family will never know!

8 Free Contraception

Another of the sneaky ways to save money is also one of the most fun! Safe sex is smart sex, so always use a condom unless you´ve been tested. Watch out for anywhere that´s giving out free condoms, and grab as many as you´re allowed!

There are lots of very sneaky ways to save money, but some of us wouldn´t approve of them. Everybody has their own morals and ideas of what´s acceptable. Do be careful when you´re trying sneaky tactics though – don´t do anything illegal or immoral. Have you ever tried any truly sneaky ways to save money, and did you feel guilty about it?

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