8 Great Tips on Saving for Holiday Shopping ...


8 Great Tips on Saving for Holiday Shopping ...
8 Great Tips on Saving for Holiday Shopping ...

Saving for holiday shopping needs some careful planning, so I'm going to offer some useful tips on how to go about it. It´s a good idea to put aside a specific amount for holiday spending, otherwise you can end up going a bit crazy with your credit cards, which is painful when you get the bill! With holidays fast approaching, you certainly need to know ways to save for holiday shopping. So here are some smart ways for saving for holiday shopping …

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Start Well in Advance

When saving for holiday shopping, the best thing is to start well ahead of your departure. It's so important to plan ahead when it comes to money! So as soon as you book your holiday, begin your savings plan. The earlier you start, the longer you have to put money aside, and you may even reach your goal ahead of schedule!



If you have some spare time, then doing surveys is a good way to earn some extra cash for your trip. It won't earn you a fortune, but it will bring you a reasonable amount that you can put aside for your holiday. Over several months, it could reach enough to be a fair part of your spending money. Give it a try, what have you got to lose?


Special Account

When saving for holiday shopping, the best option is to open an account especially for that purpose, or use an existing account that you don't have much money in. That way, you can keep the money that goes in there solely for the purpose of being used as spending money. This tip will help you keep from overspending your budget or relying on credit cards to get you through the holidays!


Penny Jar

On its own, a penny jar won't provide much money, but when put together with other savings methods, it will add up. So start a penny jar, if you don't already have one. Put coins under a certain denomination in there; you won't miss them, and it's also a great way to avoid having too much change in your wallet. Another idea to save for holiday shopping is to save ALL your change throughout the entire year. You could have up to $100 or more by the time December rolls around!



Always set a budget for your holiday money so that your spending doesn't get out of control. It's very tempting to blow more than you can afford on dinner, outings and souvenirs. Instead, decide how much you want to take, and then work out how much you need to save each month. By doing this, it will help you to save for holiday shopping because you will have more money left to spend on gifts and decorations!


Divert Money

Here's an idea to implement when saving for holiday shopping. Do you get a takeaway coffee every morning on your way to work? That can add up to quite a hefty total over time. Put this money into your holiday spending account instead, and within say, six months, you'll have a very decent amount for your holiday spending!


Extra Jobs

Putting aside income from specific sources is always a great way of saving for holiday shopping. You'd be surprised at how much extra cash little odd jobs can bring in! So see if you can get any extra jobs, such as babysitting, selling unwanted items on eBay, or doing overtime at work. Put this extra money aside - as it's not part of your normal income, you won't miss it.


Don't Touch the Money!

Once you've set up your holiday savings account, do not be tempted to touch it! You're putting that money aside for a specific purpose, so leave it alone until you travel. Then you'll have a lovely sum ready for your spending money, and no worries about paying off credit card bills long after your tan has faded! This is the most effective way to save for holiday shopping.

Saving for holiday shopping is a really smart idea, as it ensures that you don't have any last-minute panic about not being able to afford anything on holidays. You can also enjoy anything you want to do on your holiday if you save for holiday shopping! So set up that savings account and get busy putting money into it! Have you ever spent far too much on vacation and spent ages paying off the bills? Please comment below with your own tips on saving for holiday shopping!

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