11 Ways You're Wasting Money ...


Even if you feel that you have strong money management skills, you may still find some ways you're wasting money. Times are tough right now, so learning all the ways you can save money is a priority! Companies are suffering along with us, but this means that we need to be extra careful with avoiding fees and keeping an eye on rising costs. Here are 11 ways you're wasting money to help keep you from making silly spending decisions!

1. Expensive Cell Phone Plans

I understand that today, having a cell phone is a necessity, but it's also one of the biggest ways you're wasting money! Studies have shown that the average person spends about $600 a year on wireless service. However, most of us may be paying for services we never even use! So if you have an unlimited plan, ask your cell phone provider how much of it you are actually using. You may be able to drop to a lower (and less costly) plan. Pre-paid phones are also another great way to save money on phone bills and usually come with unlimited texting! So if you're a bigger texter than a caller, switch to a prepaid phone. They even have iPhones and Android smartphones available now!

Expensive Cable TV Plans
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