7 Ways to save up Cash without Giving up Your Lifestyle ...


7 Ways to save up Cash without Giving up Your Lifestyle ...
7 Ways to save up Cash without Giving up Your Lifestyle ...

The ways to save up I’m going to mention below will help you face the financial difficulties or simply save up for a great holiday without having to give up all of those things you love or find necessary! Who could say no to any easy ways to save up money, huh? Well, we’re definitely on the same page! Let’s see how to save cash then, all by incorporating one or all of these easy strategies into your lifestyle!

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Say “Yes” to Dupes

If you’re a die hard nail polish fan that’s constantly broke thanks to all of those gorgeous collections, you may have to suffer the feeling of perpetual guilt thinking there will come a month in which you’ll be forced to drink your pretty polishes and eat through you nail art stash. Eww, right? Should you give your bottles up? Are there any alternative ways to save up? Absolutely! Why not consider dupes? Every amazing high-end nail polish shade has its dupes, which means that you can get OPI instead of Chanel and save a lot. You can even make it your personal goal to only pay a fraction of the price by choosing Essence or Catrice or any of those budget-friendly brands with nail polishes so gorgeous and good they do stuff no cheap nail polish is ever supposed to be doing!


Not All of Your Makeup Has to Be Expensive

Overpaying for a product you’re not even sure you’re going to use often is definitely not a good way to save up! And when it comes from the mouth (or a keyboard, same thing) of a person who believes paying a bit more once is better than purchasing a dozen lower-quality items, you know it means something! So let’s see…If you’re shopping for shoes, clothes and accessories, don’t go with something coo coo you’ll get to wear twice a year and manage to get three wears out of it before it becomes last season’s madness. Opt for something interesting and flattering you’ll be able to wear often or, if you really want the wow for that price, choose a bright or unusual color/print while still keeping in mind the number of wears you’ll be getting from the chosen item. Same thing applies for makeup, of course, and while I know and understand that the things your skin loves are basically priceless, I have to urge you to ask yourself – how many times a year does your skin really get to love an electric blue eye shadow or jade green eyeliner? If it’s less than 20 you really need to start thinking about lowering the price range for those products. Seriously – it’s better for your wallet and better for your skin! Even high-end products have an expiry date, they are just as harmful once they go bad but twice as hard to throw away!


Cut down on Your Living Costs

Steering clear of the sweets isle is a foolproof, super easy way to save money and get back in shape just in time for the bikini season! Oh and here’s a tip – if you find yourself dying for something sweet, make it! It costs less, yields more servings and, quite honestly, is much healthier than most of the things your favorite supermarket can offer! But that’s not the only way to save up without making drastic cuts! So how about you start paying more attention to all those obvious “wastes”? Turn off your TV when you’re not watching it, don’t waste water while brushing your teeth or washing the dishes, program your air conditioner to turn on one hour before you wake up or come back from work instead of leaving it on all day/night long. Oh and do I need to mention the lights? You’re bleeding money without even knowing it…we all do, unfortunately!



Plenty of trendy accessories and beauty products can be made at home with the only difference being the fact that you can’t brag about this great new product/ thing you’ve just bought. But that’s okay too, because there are a lot of things you can’t DIY to keep the shopaholic’s flame burning. DIY an intensive overnight treatment, hot oil, clarifying shampoo, trendy statement piece you’re not hoping to get a lot of wears out of or anything else that’s not a part of your daily routine and you’ll save a ton! Oh, and before I move onto the next point, let me point out that lot of products can be used in more ways than one, which not only lets you save quite a bit but helps you eliminate the waste as well by using up the entire product you’ve bought.


Plan Ahead

Shopping lists are not only fun but a great way to save up, too! I love making them even if it’s just for a regular weekly grocery shopping! And guess what I’ve found out? Making a list of all the things I need is usually a good way to stick to the budget and avoid doubling on products. But wait, what about shopping sprees? Well, let’s face it, if there are no special items you’re hoping to purchase for less than retail price, you won’t be able to make a very specific list. You can, however, make a generic mind list that goes something like this: “I need a new coat, I’d prefer that color and am willing to spend that amount of money. I need a pair of pants etc, etc, etc.” Pinpoint the maximum amount you’re willing to spend for the given quality of goods then do your best to find an even lower price without sacrificing the quality. If you succeed and manage to beat your highest price for at least two items, you get to treat yourself with a little something-something you want but couldn’t fit into the budget. The trinket in question shouldn’t “eat up” all of your savings, of course, and you should also focus on the items on your list only and avoid shopping around until you accomplish the mission.


Opt for Less Pricey Substitutes

My husband likes the idea of having at least 2 cans of some energy drink in the fridge and he’s been loyal to a pricey well known brand up until I pointed out a different, just as well-known drink that isn’t only cheaper but double in size as well. We’re picky when it comes to 5, maybe 6 items but totally willing to try any supermarket brand, as long as the price is significantly lower than other branded products in the same category. And guess what – substituting only 3 to 4 of your brand name products with store brands means that you’re getting at least one (and sometimes more) of the items in your basket for free!


Make Your Own Food, Water and Coffee

Still wondering how to save up cash? Well, here’s another easy trick that could save you a fortune! Bag your lunch at least 2-3 times a week, prepare your usual dose of coffee each morning and use that water purifier to the fullest by bringing your own water instead of purchasing it every day. It’s great for the budget and great for the body, especially if you’re on a diet and find it hard to control your urges while staring at a full menu or all that creamy, sugary, out of this world Starbucks goodness. DIY water is a great choice too because you can pour it into a nice-looking thermos and have it at perfect temperature all day long!

Do you know of some other easy ways to save money and which savings tactics do you find particularly interesting and easy to adopt?

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I totally agree, we get to save alot by bringing our own lunch at work. Also, I tend to calculate all the expenses before I receive my paycheck so I know how much I needed, you can always download such apps which list all your expenditures for the month. I sort of lessened my Starbucks habit and only order when I really craved for it. We rarely eat out now, during weekends we just cook our favorite meals and watch dvd than going to an expensive resto. We only do grocery shopping once a month and buy things that are only needed, but we go to the local market frequently where food are fresh and cheaper. I still cannot avoid being shopaholic, so I do not go to any malls unless I really need to buy something.

Your list was well written, but you forgot to mention the most important which is alcohol, or as they said in the seventies, "drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll". Not only will your money start rolling in threefold, but you will feel much healthier at the end of it. Not only have I lost weight, but I have become more productive at work without trying. So, all in all, it's a win win situation! And treating my fiancé to a nice meal, doesn't become stressful.

I wish u would do an article on gifts under $ 100 bcoz there's lots of birthdays coming up on my calender n I need some great ideas.

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